Sengled Smart Plug Display Power Usage?

I bought Sengled Smart Plugs, ZigBee Smart Outlet and have it connected directly to my HE. I set the device driver to Generic Zigbee Outlet and the power monitoring to 5 watts. How do I actually see the power consumption of this plug? (There's no documentation about this in the box nor on the Sengled website.)

They don’t support power monitoring. Also, I don’t believe they work as zigbee routers/repeaters.

They do report power draw. You're right that they're not repeaters.

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That's fine, I don't need them to be repeaters.
I'm just wanting to report power usage. @EdMcW How do I do that?

You're wanting to track consumption over time? I don't do that myself, but I assume you could do it using Hubigraphs.

I would try to plug in a device that draws power. (maybe an old incandescent light?) and watch the logs. My Iris plugs don't report any power until the threshold is exceeded. (more than 5 watts with your current settings)

Ah, I got it. I had to set it to a narrower watt reporting and then push the Configure button. Duh, user error!

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