Sengled Hubitat Alexa color presets

I just got my wife some Sengled color lighting. When I use the preset "purple" it is too pink. She prefers [hue:73,saturation:100,level:100] which is more a "deep purple", but Alexa/Hubitat does not have that as a preset, making selecting it more difficult. Is there a way to change the preset "purple" or add a custom color as a preset?

FYI - I have found using "Scenes" do not always change all bulbs in a group, very inconstant. If possible I would rather use "preset colors" and fine tune them to her eyes. That seems very reliable.

Have you tried all of the purple preset Alexa colors?

Dark Magenta
Dark Orchid
Dark Violet
Medium Orchid
Medium Purple
Rebecca Purple
Rosy Brown
Web Purple

@billmeek I can't get any of the "orchid"s to work, but I just tried the rest. Indigo is close but not what she wants (wives :man_shrugging:). Admittedly it would be ultimate control if you could pick your exact color Turn the kitchen lights Wife Purple. I guess that could be done via rule machine..... hmm.

Thanks for the list. I decided to look for a complete list and found it here, If anyone else is interested.

You say that you are not able to do this with Scenes? Do you Sengled bulbs have color or level pre-staging turned on? You should be able to get the appropriate color consistently from a scene without problem. If you show a copy of your scene we can try to address that.

There is no way to store other "presets" into the system for the purse of color. You best bet would be to use a scene.

Thank you for the direct answer.

Not sure why but yesterday when I used a scene I had two issues.

1 - When I "captured" the scene it did not show the same values in the capture as it did on each bulb at first. I had to go to the offend bulb change it to something else, change it back, and then recapture.

2 - When the scene was activated after being all white 4 bulb turn purple and 2 orange, Setting the scene again fixed it (most of the time).

Today none of that is happening and the scene works. Only down side is I cannot use that color without setting a scene for every light, and every light group right?

No, you can choose which lights to include in that scene.

I know but let's say she just wanted the living room lights her purple not the kitchen, 1 scene. Kitchen not the living room 2 scene, crown but not the ceiling lights 3 scene.... and soon. We have several "zones" if you will. Trying to mimic the default make light "x" purple would require a separate scene for each and all combos, correct?

Just making sure I fully understand the process, not 100% sure I will go about doing it.

In a semi-related topic. I have 2 Sengled color bulbs in the bathroom. These are connected to a Lutron switch. The bulbs turn off together but not always on together. Sometime one a bulb is 1 second behind the other. Also sometimes 1, the other, or both turn on blue then go white (when always set to white).

I have tried adjusting the pre-stage setting but none seem to sync them. Seems they just don't like being turned off 100%. Anyone else seen this?

Do you mean the power to these bulbs is controlled by a smart switch?

Yes, although I am just pushing the button, not using the "smart" function, but it is a RRD-8ANS.

Bulbs should be powered 24/7. They should not have the power removed from them in the way that you have it hooked up. That defeats the purpose of having smart bulbs. You won't be able to turn them on until you first power on the dumb switch they are connected to.

I was afraid of that. So if she wants to keep in there, I'll have to make the fixture always hot, the switch 'no-load' then program the switch to toggle 0-100% in HE?

Do you have your RA 2 system hooked up to Hubitat?

Yes, using the Lutron integrator.

Programing the Keypads for the above scenes now. Trying to figure out how to make it toggle a scene without using 2 separate buttons (LED control when scene was on would be awesome!)

EDIT - Did it with a virtual switch toggle setup to keypad button one and rule machine.

Sorry to take this off topic, and thank you for all the input.

Next issue with these dang lights. I have a scene setup to turn the kitchen lights the purple she wants. When I activate the scene (by button or asking Alexa to do it) the lights come on one by one. When I tell Ask Alexa to "Turn the Kitchen Blue" using a group they all come on at the same time. I have video of the actions/delay, but cannot post mpg here.

Are you using the group device to set the color in the scene? Zigbee Group Messaging only works when using the group device to set lights.

That was it. I think I am finally getting close. Thank you,

FYI - To anyone else having issue switching these lights off and on (with a physical switch). I also found that the bulbs in the Bathroom will turn on and off together if I use any color other then "white". Any shade of white and any color will turn off/on at the same time, but "white" will cause one bulb to start before the other (and sometimes they turn blue before going white). Odd but a simple fix (used Ghost White). At least if saves me from rewiring the fixture (better longer term for next owners lol)

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You should not turn the bulbs off with a physical switch. If you do, that means they cannot be turned on the next time from Hubitat.

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I get it, but it is a main floor bathroom. You can't tell a guest not turn turn the bathroom lights off. Sometime the automated and real world need to find common ground.

I can still switch it over as described above, and may. However if I forget to switch it back and someone bought the house, and disconnected the hub, they would not be able to turn the main floor bathroom lights on. Again trying to find common ground is key sometimes, IMO.

Then you have to use devices that will allow you to have a switch on the a smart dimmer or a button controller. Instead you are going to sacrifice system performance.

Then don't use smartbulbs if you want to be able to use the wall-switch. Because they aren't designed to be switched on and off in this manor .