Sengled G2 Zigbee 3.0 Contact Sensor - Not showing contact status

Anyone had success with these?
Sengled Zigbee 3.0 Smart Door Sensor G2, Smart Sensor for Window and Door, Hub Required, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Smartthings, APP Remote Control, 4 Pack -

Model: ‎E2D-G73W4P

For me, they pair but won't display the contact status (Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (No Temp) Driver is auto selected).

Battery status is displayed, just no contact status whatsoever and tried on 2 sensors and same thing. The Amazon page says Hubitat is supported...

Tried re-pairing a few times, configure, removing and replacing the battery, pairing whilst right next to the Hubitat - nothing worked

On a C7 Hub, Platform

I've had bad luck with these, too, and neither of us are alone in this. Here's a recent discussion:

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Looks like their won't even pair - mine are pairing but just won't do anything except report that their batteries are 100% :rofl:

I shared my experience there too. I was able to make them pair; they just stopped working (could have been only battery working, but I didn't leave them on long term to see if reports for that were still coming in...).

Just to let anyone else with this problem know, Sengled support appear to have acknowledged to me that their contacts and sensors don't work well with Hubitat (but that their lights and outlets do). The Amazon page for these contacts do say they work with Hubitat, though, so it's a mistake on their page.

The smaller Sengled contacts do work with Hubitat pretty good in my experience, but I'm giving up on these ones.