Sengled Element Classic, Power Outage Rule

So, I've done some reading and didn't quite find what I am looking for. I have quite a few Sengled Element Classic bulbs throughout my house, they are rock solid and work as expected. What I don't like is the fact they don't remember the last state upon power restore, i.e. in the event of a power outage they all come on upon restored power. Most times when I get a power outage I am away from home and have to fiddle with them remotely to get them to turn off, that's after I realize there was a power outage. What I need is some advice the best way to write the rule for them to all go off. I do have a Ring Range Extender that notifies me when the power is off or on, and I run my Hubitat on a UPS.

I was thinking something simple like power restored, click the bulbs off. But I noticed sometimes after a power restore I have to press off then on again from my Dashboard a couple times to get the bulbs to respond. Also, wondering if I should create a group of all the Sengleds specifically for this purpose or call them out one by one in the rule for the off event. Would having a group of 12 bulbs or so and asking them to go on/off at the same time cause any issue?
Just want to get the communities advice before I set this up. :grinning:

I have a scene that includes all of the bulbs in my house that do this... mostly on my Hue hub but not Hue bulbs. I do a capture every 15 min. If I detect power out, I activate the scene so whatever settings it had the last time it captured are restored.

If you switch to the Advanced Zigbee bulb/CT/RGBW driver and hit “configure”, you will be able to select power restore options on the driver page:

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@Ken_Fraleigh , hmmmm well never tried that before. I was under the understanding the Sengled Element Classic didn't support power restore options. I'll give it a whirl.

@brad5 ok, that's a way to do it. By capture do you mean capture it's state? I never knew that was even an option in RM. So after the power is restored, you recall the captured state and set each one accordingly?

Yeah I created a scene capture device that corresponds to the scene. I capture the state of the devices in the scene every 15 min. If my ring2 sensor reports it is on mains (which means it was on battery) then I activate the scene 30 seconds later. It works...

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(off-topic) I was wondering about some ability like this -- there's a problem I'm trying to solve that this will help with! (I'll write it up in a separate thread). But I didn't know/remember capture devices existed - I see it now on the scene's app page. This is really nice.

The latest iteration of RM has additional options for scenes and returning to pre-scene states... they might streamline it a bit

This was my solution in RM to the problem, toggle the lights on system boot (after waiting one minute for things to come online). Just sending an "off" was not enough, I had to turn the light on then back off (the bulbs start out on in a dim state where they don't seem to know they are on). It has worked fine in a couple real life outage.

@ha_migrant that's what I was looking at as well. I have tested the lights after a power outage and they did exactly as you say, I had to cycle them to respond. Your rule looks good as well. I have quite a few bulbs so I may group them and use the group in the rule. Just not sure how the network would like that.

I believe the Sengled driver is supposed to turn the light off after a power failure, but that feature isn’t selectable, which is why the Sengled legacy driver exists. I personally prefer the Advanced driver’s options. AFAIK this isn’t a feature of the bulb itself, but a command that has to be sent from the hub after the power is restored, which is why we only have Hue lights (on the Hue bridge) in our bedrooms. The Hue implementation is written to the bulb, so my Hue lights stay off after power is restored, where any other implementation has the lights coming back on until directed by the Hub otherwise.

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I have this rule setup. The thought being if my closet door and pantry door are closed and those lights are both somehow on then the power was out and just came back on so I turn them back off.

I picked up a Ring Alarm Range Extender to help with power outage recovery rules (the way I was doing it was completely wrong)

I'm trying to replicate your RM rule in RM 5.1 and I cannot figure out how to access the "Activate scene" option.

Is it known by something else now?

Edit: Found it under Adjust Blinds/Shades or Fans

AFAIK the Advanced Zigbee Bulb driver's power restore setting doesn't work consistently with all Sengled bulbs. There were some conversations here about that, IIRC. Can't remember which worked and which didn't.

Also, interestingly, Mike Maxwell recently said that the Advanced Zigbee bulb drivers were not written w/the Sengled bulbs in mind and that the Advanced driver should not be used w/Sengled bulbs. That said, I have used the Advanced Zigbee driver w/my Sengled bulbs in the past and didn't have any specific issues or problems.

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You realize that was over a year ago right? I might not even have Sengled bulbs anymore.

Of course. I regularly time-travel for fun and profit. :wink:

Just thought that since the thread was brought back to life a day ago I'd chime in. :slight_smile: