Sengled button giving no options in button controller app

Just got into hubitat yesterday for the first time and trying to set up a sengled button (EIE-G7F) using the button controller app but it gives me no actions when I select the sengled switch

Hey, I've got one of those too. I've not used the button controller app before. Is this the part that you can't see?

Does the Type show up correctly on the device page?

Do you see events on the device's events tab?

I'm new to Hubitat, so this might be mis-information. One thing I noticed was that button controller button statuses don't show up until they're used once. Have you pushed, held and double-clicked all of the buttons once since pairing? In other words, this box appeared blank for me when initially paired:

thanks for the reply. I did post an image. didn't let me embed it before.

but yes. there is no available actions. not even a drop down bar. I do see events in the event tab. I have also set the switch up in Rule Machine and it works fine.

You might try Advanced Button Controller community app. I like the interface much better than the built-in app.


Thanks Neonturbo that app works perfectly. Very nice interface as well.


I had a similar issue and this post helped resolve the issue.

This works perfectly. Thanks for the work around.
Hubitat needs to correct the issue though! :wink: