Sengled bulbs are not supported by Google Home and will be removed (error)

So just getting into the ZigBee lighting, had geeni wifi lights prior.

I bought 3 x 2 packs of the same bulbs. Installed 2 worked fine, setup and ported to Google assistant. Installed a 3rd one and it works fine but won't port to Google assistant. Unlinked and relinked hubitat account. New light keeps unchecking itself after attempting to port into Google's ecosystem. Sengled element color plus on all 3 bulbs.

I was wondering about this to since the Google Home routines had a big upgrade recently. I was seeing a bunch of devices that would be checked unchecking themselves. Upon reviewing logs i found that the integration was removing devices that it determined were not supported.

Interesting. I haven't seen anything weird using the community app.

Ok solved it guys.

The changing from the "Sengled element color plus " driver to the "GENERIC RGBW" one and now all 6 lights are porting to Google home now. And, all 6 are still functioning otherwise. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: Thank you chat support with Hubitat on Twitter DM.


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