Can't connect new devices to Google Home

I've connected several devices to Google Home in the past, but now I can't get the app to add any new ones. In the Hubitat Web app I've gone to Apps -> Google Home -> Which Devices -> Checked all the boxes I wanted -> Update -> Done. After selecting Done it brings me back to the Apps screen, and if I click on Google Home again, the list of selected devices is back to what it was before I updated it, none of my changes were saved. I've tried this a bunch of times with the same result. The hub says there are no updates available, and I've tried rebooting it. Please help.

I've also tried going through the Google Home app with basically the same results. I've done Setup New Device -> Works with Google -> Hubitat -> Reconnect account -> go through that whole process selecting all of my devices, but it never asks me what room to put anything in like the instructions say. I go back to the home screen and do a pull-to-refresh, still all of the same old devices and none of the new ones.

When you say the hub has no updates do you mean the actual hub or the google home integration?

Maybe list the device brand/model of the device? I am not a Google Home user, but my understanding is that this integration does not recognize certain device types. Could you be running into that restriction?

There is a community based app that is more fully featured, maybe this will help?

The hub itself, and the Android app are both up to date

There are several devices that I'm trying to add. One of them is a Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 RGBW Dimmer. I already have 3 of these devices connected and working with Google Home, but I'm trying to add a 4th and it's not working.

Have you double checked that the 3 previous devices you have in google home actually show up in the google home app? There may be something going on here. I added 2 Inovelli LZW45 devices recently but cannot get them to add to google either. I then checked 2 others that I already had in google home and they have been removed from the google home app but show that they are selected in the google integration on hubitat.

Yes, the previously added dimmers are still usable via Google Home

I could have missed something in the posts so far.... but have you tried doing something that initiates a changes in the state of the devices you cannot see in the GH App? E.g. turning a dimmer on or off?

I would try adding your new devices again and then go to Logs and then select Past logs and look for Google Home. See if there are any errors there.

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Yes I'm able to control the devices via the Hubitat web app

Do you see the change reflected in Google Home?

I'm not sure what you mean. The devices don't appear in the Google Home app, so what change would I be able to notice?

I was wondering whether GH needed some kind of state change to have them appear. Not a likely situation, but worth confirming...

Thank you byarnell05. I do see logs that say "The following devices are not supported ..."
I guess maybe it's because the dimmer I'm trying to add now is set to HSB mode, whereas the others that I've previously added are in RGBW mode?

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The Community app linked earlier is likely your option... but work through the questions you have with @byarnell05....


Ya my first step would be to match the new devices exactly to the old devices and try adding again.

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I'm new to the group. I am not a Google Home user, and am not very tech savy but have found hubivue to be easy to install and use and have had great support from the developer.
Good luck

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