Sengled bulb issues

I have device watchdog app installed to check if a Sengled bulb has got dropped from network. It seems that If i dot use the bulb for a day or two, the 'last activity' stamp does not get updated, and the device watch dog flags the bulb as potentially dropped. I tried changing the option in device watchdog, to use 'configure when trying to check'...but now, it seems that at 4 AM when device watchdog checks my bulbs, it turns them on!! This is my kids room and a big issue :frowning:
Any thoughts?

Here is the bulb settings page, if it helps:

Same question - same answer. This has been covered many times. As I stated in the DW thread, there is NOTHING wrong with DW.

The issue is with the bulb/driver.


Its an issue with multiple stock drivers and has been brought up before. Does not seem like its going to be fixed.

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