Sendmail - Send email and text notifications, (notification device) no local server needed

When there are multiple 220 lines, the final 220 line will start with:
"220 " (220 space), whereas all the preceding 220 lines will start with "220-" (220 hyphen).

Here's the relevant portion of RFC821 with respect to multi-line responses from the server:

This part of RFC821 remains the same in the RFCs that supercede RFC821.

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yes.. new version to test .. 4.93 .. still do the change of children to reset everything and turn on debugging and test.

I never had a server that returned multiple 220's before only 250's

use package manager to get the update.


Forced to three children and re-ran. Have not updated yet.

doesnt seem like you changed the children if so there should be no failed stuff in the queue and it ws showing 2 failures .. otherwise it should have picked up child 1 immediately.

I set it to three, but ran several tests consecutively. I probably wasn't patient enough.

ok change to another number like back to 4. but you need to get the new version..

should look like this in the logs when you change the number.. make sure you click off the field after changing the number and before saving preferences or the change would NOT be seen

just the way the web interface works.. you need to click somewhere else in the page after changing a value before clicking a button.

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Oh wow! That was it! I just got a message through successfully. So it was a wonky edge case. How about that. I will do some more testing, but this looks very promising.

Thank you very much @kahn-hubitat !!


no problem thanks for bringing a bug in my implementation to light.


Is there a way to get this to work with gmail and allow attachments from the habitat's file storage?

No gmail requires ssl and how would you even attach a file in habitat... there is no interface for that.

For this you might ask @ritchierich about his Gmail integration - appropriate topic is below:


Following up that this feature has been added to Google Calendar, Task, Reminder, and Gmail Search and Gmail Notification Device. @kahn-hubitat I am happy to work with you to get this added to your solution if interested.


Does anyone know of a free or cheap email service that will allow forwarding without SSL to make sendmail work for me?

I am using namecheap for hosting a couple old websites and email, but apparently it is rejecting emails based on "220-we do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited" even though they give settings without SSL on them.

If you look through my posts, there’s how to setup an email forwarding service on a Synolgy NAS. The low end single drive ones are dirt cheap these days

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I saw that post. I didnt know they made cheap NAS. Do you think the really cheap ones could handle movie streaming and live tv recording for Plex? I would want to use it for something other than just a mail/notification server.

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I've streamed movies in various formats over the years from a DS212, DS218+, & DS220+. Haven't had any issues, but also haven't been streaming 4K.

Plex support, from what I remember, isn't there on lower-end models. But I haven't used Plex in ages (kids were the major ones streaming from the NAS and they have long moved out) so am not up to speed on what models do support it.

As long as they aren’t transcoding the video, yes it’s no problem at all.

I have a cheap SFF PC with an NVIDIA P400 graphics card that runs Plex, my NAS just holds files.


I am running an older surface pro for my plex and tv recording now and it works fine. I have all my movies on a SSD and so the set up works, just trying to figure out the cheapest solution for mail. I wish Hubitat did SMS. Thats about the only thing I miss from smarthings so far.

Do you think you can help me out with what goes into what settings on the configuration? I can send mail through a mail app, but cant get it to go through hubitat.