Sending Email or Text

Is it possible to send a text or email from inside the Hubitat App? I don't se a way to do it in any of the rule machines. I do so now with Webcore but I am trying to move away from that since I am having trouble accessing my pistons lately. Dashboard just keeps spinning.

I like the SendMail app.

on your trouble, I suggest:


You send notifications as email with either of these apps:


I've been working on yet another means of sending email (and possibly text messages) from HE using Echo Speaks v4 app as an intermediary, but alas, Amazon appears to have deprecated the exact feature needed for my trick to work.

Will report back if successful.

Thanks for the suggestions. From a couple of them I was able to get Webcore dashboard working again which takes the pressure off for now so Thanks. I am disappoint that there does not seem to be a way to do it withing Hubitat and stay away from other internet dependent apps. Well, I guess HE would be "internet dependent" in a way if it was trying to send email or text itself so there's that......

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Maybe I'm the odd one out but generally I don't see a need for txt with notifications (like Pushover) work just fine and frankly I don't need more email.

Agreed, but it's an easy segue into Tasker automations over on Android. Easily my #1 use case for "Notifications" via the Hubitat (and also Alexa) apps, as triggers for other routines set up on my smartphone(s).

i don;t use it for email.. i use it mainly as an email gateway to send sms to my phone.

I use email/SMS to notify me if a smoke detector or water leak detector is activated. I also sometimes use it to confirm certain actions for me like right now I am getting an email any time my system is disarmed.

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Couldn't you do that with a virtual switch on a dashboard?

Right but why not just use built in notifications or even pushover?

I do all that with pushover... I mean sms/email aren't really any more or less reliable.. just sayin'

Built in notif. Don't work with hubs in multiple locations.

And pushover client is another app and costs money.

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If you know of a way to make Tasker for Android respond to a VS inside the Hubitat app, I'm all ears. My former controller came with an app that someone had written an Android-side integration for, which let Tasker watch for device events directly.

I'm pretty Tasker-savvy, but don't know of a way for it to "listen" to the HE app, without a custom plug-in (hint, hint someone should create one for Hubitat!).

Pushover One time 5 bux and can be put on multiple hubs in whatever location

yes but i dont agree. why pay 5 bucks for an app on all your devices when you dont need to.

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I don't use tasker for routines myself. For that I don't have a need. Wonder if pushover would give you that info..

Fully concur, btw, about Pushover. It's equally usable for my setup, as Tasker doesn't care which app is passing the secret msg. LOVE PUSHOVER! Only problem is when my secret messages inadvertently wind up at wrong endpoint(s) (diminishes WAF, and in extreme case, shows up on Web plug-in ► PC screen, where it does no good). :slight_smile:

What are you using tasker for in the first place?