Send Messages Doesn't Work (Mobile Device Issues)

Please elaborate on how you created this notification device. Or we probably can’t actually help you.

I'm seen the "Device Name" get reverted as well. It seems to like to stick to whatever it's set to inside the HE app. I've renamed mine before inside HE and the name reverted back to what's displayed in the mobile app. I've just settled on setting the "Device Label" since I don't want to set the app back up.


It was created by the mobile app. But it doesn't make sense that the message would go there for two, that field is in the device configuration. It would change depending on the rule. Second, no matter what I put in there, it disappears. That is, it's not there when I go back to the device later.

Can you change the Device Name within the mobile app? Touching that field doesn't seem to do anything.

If you go to Device Details page and type a text in the Device Notification field, do you get the push notification on your phone?

I would suggest following these steps in my linked post:

Use the new virtual device that is created for your notifications. Push notifications should come through the mobile app. I suggest removing the virtual device that isn’t working right now. Something’s messed up and it probably isn’t worth trying to figure out how.

You can change the name of the mobile app device from within the mobile app settings page.

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No but you can change it on Device Details page, then you will have to log out from the Mobile App and log back in. Be sure to select the device with the new name.

If I go to the Device Details, this is all I see...

Scroll up :slight_smile:

I am able to do this in the iOS app :man_shrugging:.

SM- phones are "special"

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Maybe it's an Android thing overall. I have a Pixel 6 Pro. If I create a new device using the app, it defaults to the name of "Pixel 6 Pro". The "Device Name" field is not editable.

Back to @Savage:
On the device page for your phone, enter something in the text box.
Click on "Device Notification" (that's a button)

See if you get the notification on your phone.



Okay, I tried it your way, but nothing appeared on my phone, despite everything else working on the app. Weird.

OK, so go do @marktheknife instruction to create a new device for your phone and try it again.

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Yes, the Android app is different from that perspective. In the iOS app, you can modify the device name, from the mobile app. On Android you have to change it from the hub, then log out and log back in picking the new name. I have a SM- too :slight_smile: That's why I said they are "different".

Yes, but your notifications are working...mine are not. :slightly_frowning_face:

Let me ask this...should I see the messages I am trying to send in the log for the device?

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Just remove all mobile phone devices from the hub, first, then create a new device. It will be called the same thing again, but once created you can change its name from the hub. If I were to guess, you probably created multiple devices and you are trying to send the notification to a previous iteration. Only the most recent device works. All others are no longer working.

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Just trying to find within the app how to remove them all...

Go to the hub's interface, click Devices, then remove any and all SM-N986U devices, then go to the app and under Settings select Hub, pick your hub, then select Create New Device on the bottom of the page.

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