Can’t find mobile phone in devices

I made the mistake of deleting my cell phone app from the devices page and need help in reinstalling it. Please any suggestions.

Are you saying that you removed your phone from the device page?

If that is the case, run the app and login. When you are asked to select what device it should be linked to, select the option to create a new one.

Hi Sebastian,
Not sure what you mean and what app? Sorry, i'm a novice.

Run the app on your phone, login and ….

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I ran the app on my phone and ipad and went to select a device and it only showed the ipad. I can't find the phone in the devices and really don't know how to get it back into my devices. I even rebooted the hubitat.

In the Hubitat mobile app on your phone, go to the settings tab, then scroll down and tap on select hub. Select your hub, then tap the button for create new device.

Once you’ve finished creating the device, a new device will exist on the devices page of the hubitat admin ui in your desktop browser window.


Got it. Thank you.