Selling my house with Hubitat vs Replacing with SmartThings

So I’m moving home and have stripped out all DIY automation from the house less the Zigbee light switches.

Some of these switches are not physically connected to a lighting circuit any more so I use them to trigger those that are and I also use some switches to change the on/off state in 2 or 3 way lighting circuits.

I also will leave some basic schedules for garden light, etc.

All of this means that I need to leave something for the new owners to use/customise. My dilemma is what to leave them as a hub, I’m currently with Hubitat and will be trying to live a Home Assistant life in my new house but I’m concerned it’s just too technical for the new owners so I’m considering moving the lights to SmartThings to give them something easier. Thoughts?

How do I transfer ownership/control over to the new owners in either case of Hubitat or SmartThings?

Why not just let them choose if the house deal is already pretty much done?

If possible I would convert it back to wired


Simply create a dummy account on gmail ( then change that to the registered admin account for Hubitat and leave them with those credentials


A choice will baffle them, I think they are in their 60s :slight_smile:

We have community members who are 10 years older and writing kick-■■■ apps and drivers.


Hmmm…. I resemble that remark :sunglasses:


but you're here - they're 99% unlikely to be :slight_smile:

No offence intended, i'm nearly 50 - it's just that Hubitat and what we do is not mainstream in that demographic


Maybe to late, but I would honestly ask them what they would prefer. It's quite possible they may not even want to hassle with automation in the first place. On the other hand they may be interested. I would leave them the hubitat. If they are that techno challenged, they will be baffled either way. If you leave them the hubitat, maybe write up a quick summary and be sure and point them in the direction of this community.

If we ever decide to sell our house, I plan the make the automation a negotiable item rather than baked in. Some people may not want it, some may be thrilled to have it, and even they may not be crazy about how i have it structured.

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I’m trying to avoid needing an electrician (legal requirement in Australia) so will give them Hubitat with nothing other than just some basic rules to group some switches together.


That's what I would do in your situation, for a very simple way to do this the new Room lighting app does this. So update the hub put all the devices to be joined in a room and it basically does it for you!

As mentioned above I would migrate the hub to a new Gmail account. Then strip it down to the basic functions needed. Then you can explain the basics and send them here, if required.

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Excuse me!!! Unless they actually have cognitive impairment (ie dementia) they will have the same brain capacity as anyone else.

Yes, most people are still unfamiliar with smart home systems - the age didn't need to come into it. Apart from anything else, every time someone over 60 reads a comment like that it makes it that much harder to have the confidence to try.

On the bright side, at least everyone's stopped assuming women have problems with technology :smiley:


Right!!!!??? My wife finally learned how to use an electric can opener!!!! It's amazing! (Ducking as she throws said can opener at me for making that comment and I take myself to the hospital for stitches :rofl: )


Come to think of it though, I actually struggle with using a standard DTV television! Remembering which channel number is which channel (with the constant retunings) operating the favorites list and toggling between favorites and full list all on some rather cryptic remote control...

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I'm old enough to remember growing up with a tv guide subscription , lol


So you had more than 3 channels then? Youngster. :rofl:


6 in fact! Plus a roof antenna with a rotor system... We were high tech!


This is a real dilemma. OP is correct here in that Hubitat is probably too complicated for them. I have had to remove Hubitat that I set up for a few people that couldn't understand it couldn't stand it, or wouldn't be willing/able to deal with hiccups. Unfortunately if a person isn't "into" home automation than they will not be happy.

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Turning 69 next month, I resent your comments and assumptions. I built an analog computer in the 1960s; owned a Sinclair 1000; developed business applications on a TRS-80 and a DEC PDP-8; etc.

Buy them a new Amazon Echo with built-in Zigbee hub as a house warming gift, you whipper-snapper!

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