Selector Switch for a group of Old style Speakers

Has anyone made or altered an existing Selector Switch for a group of Old style Speakers to automate the switching from 1 set to another or to several sets?
I'm currently using one of these & want to be able to contol it in Hubitat. Was thinking I could by another Konnected board with some relays that I can install a wire to turn the push switch on the box on or off?? This box has no power to it, but I think it is needed to protect the amp & the speakers.

Did you ever come up with a solution?
I have a Sonos Connect Amp (older gen but Sono2 compat) and before considering shelling out ~$600 for another one, I too have a manual switch I use to push that to outside v.s. inside (or A+B at lower volume) and would love to find an automated solution that is cheaper than adding another amp.

No I couldn't find anything. I bought a couple of second hand Connect Amps. If you buy 2nd hand ones, you need to be careful it hasen't been locked buy Sonos after the trade in. I bought one that was, luckily through Ebay so the guy gaveme my money back.

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I think this is your answer: MonoPrice 6 zone Whole home amp Driver

I believe the developer of that driver recommends using the built-in Hubitat driver for the monoprice 6-zone amp now (which was released after his).

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Oh even better! I stumbled here while looking for a driver for an Audioflow device and figured I’d at least connect this hanging thread since Google found it quickly but didn’t surface the other one very well (weird). Anyway, good stuff and thanks for the tip about built in!

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