Seeking local multi-zone heating system controller (zwave/zigbee) or help porting python homeassistant driver to groovy/HE

I've got a 3-zone hot water heating system. About 13 months ago, I installed a Salus controller, operating the individual pumps sending water to each zone, and three wireless thermostats and the Salus 'gateway'.

Salus uses Zigbee to communicate between the thermostats and zone controller. Their gateway provides a connection to the thermostats via the cloud, using their mobile app or web site.

I had been hoping that Hubitat would see the Zigbee devices and be able to control them without the cloud-based gateway, using an existing or new driver...but no such luck (though I haven't tried sniffing the zigbee signals yet).

Overall, the system has worked fine so far. Until today.

Their internet site is down ( Based on registrar data, the DNS registration may have renewed about 18 min after it expired. The individual thermostats work fine and are following the saved schedule, but the only way to change the temperature at this point is to walk up to each one and press buttons, and I can't update the heating schedule. How 1987.

Regardless of the reason for their internet site outage, I'm seeking any recommendations for multi-zone control systems that are entirely local (no cloud dependency) and integrate with HE. I don't even need thermostats -- I've got plenty of temperature sensors in each zone and could use a virtual thermostat within HE for each long as HE could communicate with the pump relay controller at the furnace. Since heating is a critical part of the house environment, I prefer a product, meant for heating control, rather than a pure DIY solution with a bunch of relays triggered by HE.

Alternatively, there is a Github site with a client for the Salus Gateway, written in Python for Home Assistant, but that's a long way from a device driver in Groovy, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.