Seeing the Zigbee signal strength for each device in the hub

I've read that the new Aqara hub let's you look at the strength of the Zigbee signal at each device, it'd be great to have that in HE.

Any chance?

Depends on what you’re looking for.

You can get some info now on zigbee signal strength by using the zigbee child and route info table.

There’s always a chance they could add additional features in the future.

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Here’s one way to do it:

  1. temporarily change the driver to “Ikea TRADFRI Signal Repeater”
  2. keep a log window open, and click on “Get Link Quality”
  3. change back to the original driver

And what is the LQI range? I'm seeing 170 on the device I tried this with. I dream of a visual map, I know it's just a dream.


0-255. 170 is very good.

If you’re interested in this, search the forum for “everything xbee3”. You can setup an xbee3 for about $35 (US), pair it to Hubitat, and visualize your zigbee network.


100% this. It's amazing:

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