Security System that integrates with Hubitat

We are moving to a newly built house which doesn't have any pre-built security system. I am looking for recommendations of a security system which can be integrated with Hubitat, so that I can lock/unlock doors when system is armed/disarmed.

I’m using Ring and the unofficial integration. I turn off the alarm based on door code unlock as well as lock the doors after the alarm is armed (I think I delay it a minute, to not have it lock when arming before leaving).


I use Konnected. It retrofits most any wired security system for use in a smart home.


I am using Hubitat :slight_smile:

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I will second the unofficial Ring Integration. Yeah, it can possibly break, but so can a lot of things. It's local, unlike the other Ring device integrations, and you not only get full control and feedback from the system, but the sensors can do double-duty since HE will see them like any other sensor.

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If you're considering a real security system, I highly recommend the QolSys IQ2+ panel. It has a built-in z-wave controller that unfortunately Hubitat does not work with, but you can choose not to use it, or only use it for your door locks.

The OolSys IQ2+ can directly control z-wave door locks based on arming/disarming events and disarm the alarm if a door is unlocked with a code. You need to subscribe to the automation package to get access to those rules though (but IMO is well worth it).

I've written a driver for HE that gets the state of all the alarm sensors and the alarm status, and also lets you arm and disarm the system from HE. If you need/want to use door locks that the panel doesn't support, this might be a solution for you. It needs a bit of cleaning up before I publish it, but it's been working solidly for me for the past month or two. It also depends on Node-Red, as Hubitat lacks the ability to open an encrypted socket.

Direct with Hubitat !!

Zwave deadbolt
Zwave motion sensor
Zwave door sensor
Zwave Ring keypad gen 2
Zwave flood sensor
Zwave smoke detectors
Zwave siren

Why use 2 systems....


So, the unofficial ring integration doesn't need an Internet conection after login in?

IMO security should be handled by a dedicated security device. If you want to do cool stuff with Hubitat that's fine too but should operate independently of it. With that said, the Envisalink 4 or Konnected are good options for wired systems. For Honeywell systems like the Vista's I would go with the Envisalink over the Konnected since it can use the 4 wire addressable connection to the panel whereas the Konnected has to wire to each loop. The Envisalink can also use wireless sensors where the Konnected cannot. The Honeywell Vista 21IP alarm panels are a great choice. They support dual routing via IP and cellular 4g LTE.

Depending on the number of sensors the Konnected could get expensive since each board only supports 6 zones. You'll also need to dedicate a zone for a key-switch if you want to arm and disarm from Hubitat.

If you're going to go with the Envisalink 4, I'd use the integration that runs on a local raspberry pi so you can offload the spammy alarm stuff to it.

For wireless, I'd go with the Ring stuff since it's pretty easy to work with.

Any of these can be used with hubitat to lock/unlock doors, turn on/off lights, set thermostats, or any other automation you can think of. They also all let you use the sensors connected to them in other automations with the one stipulation that the Konnected cannot use wireless sensors.


Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I agree with the above to keep it separate from a smart home platform for much better reliability. It can be integrated with Hubitat, but strongly suggest it's a standalone non smart system that you start with.

To add another couple of options, there is also Elk as a great alarm panel in the US and it's well integrated here, plus Visonic Powermax panels with my integration of you want a wireless system (using super secure and reliable comms that can detect jamming etc). There is also Interlogix/Network that was written by somebody in ST but I've added that to my Visonic integration.

Obviously if you're looking for locks then choices are more limited, but it's easy to link a lock system to an alarm through Hubitat.

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How much does this cost ? I couldn't easily see on their website.

The product seems to be sold with a carrier nomination AT&T, Verizon etc. - is it locked to that ? I'm in the UK but Qolsys are slowly emerging here.

Very interested - I have an integration I was looking at (from another system) so when you have something close to release please let me know doesn't deal directly with the public, you have to go through a reseller which is typically an alarm installation company, or a DIY alarm supplier. I'm paying $28/month but my accounts are grandfathered in at the price I started at. I think the same level of account is around $35/month now. I use Advanced Security LLC and am very happy with them; they've helped me at night and weekends and are very responsive. But you can search for resellers, there's plenty of them out there.

Yes, but you don't need a cellular account. The monthly fee includes the cost of the cellular data connection. There's AT&T and Verizon versions so you can choose what carrier has the best (or only) signal at your particular location.

I'm waiting to see whether or not HE will add the ability to open a raw encrypted socket. Right now, my HE driver depends on a Node Red flow which uses openssl to talk to the alarm panel, then uses a MQTT broker to push the data to HE. It works, but it's clunky and unnecessarily complicated and of course, requires a platform to run Node Red on (I'm running it in a Docker container on my Synology NAS).

There's no way at present for HE to talk directly to the alarm panel. If HE doesn't add encrypted socket support, at some point I guess I'll clean up the Node Red flow and publish it along with the driver. But a HE-only solution would be much better.

The NodeRED path is the way the other integration started too - but it has already moved to encrypted sockets direct. Do keep me informed as you progress and when/if there is the IQ2+ Panel available here in the UK I’ll give you another shout.

Meanwhile I’ll continue with Texecom.

I'm using Ring for $10 a month. Although, I haven't had luck with the unofficial integration app yet. Once i get 2.2.6 stabilized, next attempt.

What model of Texecom do you have? I'm tempted to request a copy of the API for local integration and have considered building a little microcontroller to link it with Hubitat (similar to my other alarm integrations)

I have the Elite Premier 64 I think. Texecom have now stopped supplying API details to end customers but I am using an integration that pushes everything to MQTT so is very accessible.

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Thanks, I'm hoping I can scrape enough off some online repositories, even if it's less efficient! (It could do the basics but perhaps not everything). Do you have their comIP module or was your integration directly connected to serial on the alarm?

This is why locks don't matter...


I have the COM IP and also the SmartCom and I connect using the newer Connect protocol.
I am aware of a published partial project using this Connect protocol but the later more complete ones are not published and are pre compiled as the protocol details require an NDA signed.