Buying Advice - Can Honeywell Zwave security sensors be integrated?

Hello everyone,

I moved to a new place where they had the whole house wired with various sensors and an alarm panel Qolsys Iq2
I wanted to do self monitoring myself but the company doesn't want to release the installer/dealer code for the panel hence my question for you here.
Was thinking to scrap the panel and get a Hubitat box since all the sensors are Zwave
My question is (mind you i'm a noob) : I have checked the sensors and they all seem to be Honeywell(door sensors, leak sensors, window breaking etc) I checked your extensive compatibility list and sadly I did not find anything Honeywell with one exception being a thermostat.
Can I still reuse these sensors with Hubitat with some kind of generic driver or is simply a lost cause and need to toss them all and start from scratch with some compatible, newer equipment?

Thank you

If you can post a picture of some of the product markings on them we might be able to figure it out. They are probably made by some other company and just rebranded or sold with the Honeywell system.

Also, I would not doubt is other users on here already have experience with the system you have.

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Hi and thank you for answering
Basically I am looking at the following sensors and wondering if they can be reused with Hubitat:

Door sensor x 2

2nd door sensor

Glass breaking sensor x 2

Water leak/flood detector

Smoke detector x 2

I have opened a few but not all as I didn't want to break the shell

If anyone has any ideas to point me in he right direction ...

Thank you in advance

None of those from looking them up are z-wave or zigbee... They are all 915mhz. I'm not sure what they would run with outside the honeywell system

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Yeah found this brochure for the PG9945, says it is "PowerG", nothing about ZWave

Thank you guys!

I made the assumption of them being ZWave because the Qolsys panel has them all listed under a ZWave devices section and can perform some communication tests
Did I mention that I'm a noob? :smile:

Thank you again

PS: Your thought only confirmed my fears that I will need to start from scratch...sadly

Upon a "closer inspection" of the panel seems that im SOL these things are not reusable at all

Started to look at some cheapo door sensors:
Between the SONOFF SNZB-04 and the ThirdReality which one would you recommend ?

Thank you

I have two of the ThirdReality sensors. They are a little bulky because they take AAA batteries (which is also an advantage). They work great, have been reliable. Someone from TR actually makes an appearance on the forums once and a while as well.

I know other Sonoff devices people have had issues with before, I have some plugs that are little quirky but they function. Not sure about the door sensors.

Xfinity xhs2-he. 4 bux a pop on eBay. Long lasting battery and also does temp


Thank you

Bought a pack of 5 Xfinity xhs2-ue

Really appreciate your guys' answers

I have 36 of them

Those Honeywell/Brinks/ADT sensors can be re-used in various Honeywell alarm panels and then integrated into Hubitat with something like the the Konnected Board. Personally, I have integrated my home alarm system with similar (although wired) sensors. I also have a ton of Z-Wave and Zigbee sensors so basically two alarm systems... Anyway, there are some threads on here about how to integrate... And other sites on how to find your installer codes... Maybe if you post your exact alarm panel board, someone can help you find it...

Another couple of threads on it...

:smile: That's a lot of sensors
Gonna start covering my basics for now. 5 will do

I have been looking for this elusive installer code everywhere. Called the company , no dice
"Sir we don't keep those records here especially if it's for a closed account". which personally i believe is a bit of bs but what can I do

The panel is a Qolsys IQ2
Was hooked previously with ADT-Telus Canada.
Unless there is a way to short circuit the board (somehow) and reset it my hope for finding this code is rather slim :innocent:

I have 36 windows in the At 4 bux each on ebay it was cheap enough. Batteries last about a year. I'm notified if it starts raining and one of the windows is open. It lets me know which one. Also great for temperature aggregation for thermostat control

Got lucky and I managed to get a hold of the technician who installed the whole Qolsys system.
They do not do install jobs for ADT anymore but were kind enough to provide me the installer code which worked.
Right when I was about to rip it off the wall :rofl:
Tested with Homebridge and everything works like a charm with the exception of a temp sensor which is not supported.
Waiting for my C8 to arrive today and will give it a shot