Secure Pairing of Repeaters Required? (Schlage Lock not reporting in)

My 2nd Schlage BE369 lock is having issues and I'm wondering if I need better/more repeaters?


  • I can issue lock/unlock commands and they instantly happen
  • Lock Manger works fine with pushing lock codes to both locks
  • I can poll the lock and the state is updated correctly
  • First lock is working flawlessly but it's closer to hub

Not working:

  • Second lock will not push it's state to the hub


  • Factory reset (battery pull, hold button, verify that custom codes are gone)
  • Exclude, include, exclude, include...
  • Bring hub within inches of lock when pairing

Additional info:

  • The two locks (working + problematic) are identical models.
  • Currently the lock says "zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true"
  • Mains powered dimmer (Inovelli LZW31-SN) is right next to lock on wall
  • Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN paired securely, but no other devices except for locks and a test RGB bulb are secure paired
  • About 30 mains powered, all Z-Wave Plus all unsecurely joined, are throughout the house (GE, Homeseer, Leviton switches and dimmers)
  • The Hubitat log shows no lock events from the troubled lock and all events from the problem lock

I was thinking of smashing the lock with a sledge hammer after messing with this for a whole evening but thought I'd ask for advice here first...

Should I add repeaters? I thouht all my Z-Wave plus dimmers would do the job?

Just my personal opinion based on how much I love my two Yale locks, and how many problems I’ve heard about the Schlage (Queue all the Schlage supporters to attack my words), the sledgehammer might be a good idea.

But before you do that, have you done a Z-Wave repair? Then wait several hours, because it takes time for them to rebuild the neighbor tables.


Just wanted to add a couple things:

  • Repeaters do not need to be paired securely
  • Although they should be the same, repeaters don't behave equivalently for lots of reasons (inside the wall vs outside, antenna positioning, other devices in the proximity etc. etc.)

Repeaters for locks should (must?) support beaming, as well.


Does only the repeater immediately connected to the lock need beaming or do all devices back to the Hub need beaming?

Yeah I have done about 5 repairs so far. I even tried to keep the lock awake by entering codes the whole time. I'll keep doing repairs since I did add that last Inovelli Dimmer right next to it.

According to this article, it is the repeater closest to your lock: Full Air BnB Shclage Connect Integration for multiple property listings - Ideas and Suggestions - SmartThings Community

Thanks! I asked Inovelli to confirm that their new dimmer supports beaming but I can't imagine not. I'll post here when they get back to me or I'll dig through my secondary Z-stick controller to see when it reports back with.

Per this doc on the Z-Wave Alliance website, the Inovelli LZW31-SN does support Beaming. BTW - you can check any device on the alliance's site:

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