Schluter DITRA-HEAT WiFi Integration?

I have a couple of Schluter DITRA-HEAT WiFi thermostats for floor heating and I would love to be able to integrate them to Hubitat.

Schluter Systems DITRA-Heat-E WiFi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat DHERT104BW

Would anyone have an integration for this device, or is there a developer out there that would be interesting in having someone test an interface?

I have Ditra Heat as well and would also be interested

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I have one too... I did come across this however no idea how to get it to work as I am just getting started with my Hubitat.

this link too: Anyone ever looked into DITRA-HEAT (Floor warming) WiFi Thermostat? - Bindings - openHAB Community

Has anyone got this working?

Not as far as I know (for HE) unfortunately...

Did anyone get it to work on anything outside of native app only? ;-(

Thank you

I'm looking for this too...any have any leads?

I have not heard of anyone having done this yet. I would be happy to help test if someone did. :slight_smile:

Is there an alternative that can be installed?

Yes, Sinopé has a Zigbee electric floor heating alternative. If I had known about that before I purchased my DITRA-HEAT, I would have gotten that instead.

Sinopé TH1300ZB; yes. I just ordered them and will have the customer return the others.

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Awesome! I really like that you can show another temperature on the Sinopé thermostat. In my case, I show the outside temp, but in floor heating situation, there would also be the option to show the air temp, assuming that the thermostat will show the floor temp…?

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I will have to check out that feature. The house that I am installing them is interesting; It is in a basement and that is forced air gas (Natural Gas). The Gas is way less then electricity cost so we need to keep the temperature less than the main thermostat except if it sees motion in the basement. There will also be a pre-heat option. Also when the AC is on it will be turned off.

The reason I am keep it on with a lower temperature is for two reasons. It will be the backup heat in the home and it will still trigger a little so the floor should alway be warm in the winter.

Does the thermostat have an option to turn off based on an outside temp?

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Very nice! The Sinopé thermostat is controlled via Hubitat, so you can really do anything you want.

In a situation like the one you are describing, you could probably create a Basic Rule that turns it on at a certain temperature based on the outside temp if it is off. You could then add some supplemental rules to preheat based on time of day and/or motion.

I’ll happily help with that when you get there, unless someone else beats me to it. :wink:

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I will do it Hubitat for sure. I was just wondering; what features his has on its own?

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The thermostat has 2 buttons - up and down. So you can raise the temp and lower it. On its own, that’s it as far as I know. All the smarts are in the hub.

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Thank you. Sometimes that is the best.


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I think I'll make this my next project after I finish my standby generator driver. The HomeAssistant integration is based on this Python package - GitHub - prairieapps/py-schluter: Python API for Schluter DITRA-HEAT Thermostats. The underlying API for the thermostats looks pretty simple. The hardest part is probably figuring out the authentication to the Schulter web API.


That would be awesome!