Schlage Zwave Lever Lock Support

Well, after all that consternation, I just decided to get the WiFi/Bluetooth version of the Yale lock, which Yale has in stock. After some thought, there's no compelling reason for it having to be Z-wave. I can control the Wifi version with Alexa, which is also part of my HA ecosystem. And given I already have an August lock on my front door, it will be convenient to be able to use the August app to control this lock on my back gate as well. I don't have this lock involved in any scenes, so I shouldn't be losing anything in terms of usability/convenience by not having it part of my Z-wave network. And if I did need to include it in any kind of scene, I could use an Alexa routine to accomplish that. And, down the road, if I do find that having it in my Z-wave network would be preferable, perhaps by that time they will have the Z-wave (or even Zigbee) radio modules available again, and I could simply swap out the WiFi/Bluetooth module.

So, this hurdle to moving to the Hubitat has been overcome. Now I just need to make a decision about my Scene Controller keypads.

Thanks again for all the feedback/information.

I talked with assa alboy today they are not going to release a zigbee module for the series 2 locks. Wifi, z-wave and some day matter...


That’s ok - as long as there’s a Thread/Matter version.


I am just getting around to installing a New Old Stock BE469ZP with FW ver 10.8. I was able to pair it successfully in secure mode. I am newish to Hubitat, so I don't know where to go from here. Looking to set up basic Lock/unlock/alarm functionality for single user with remote control via an app. Can someone help me?

If it paired you're good. Now you just need to build a rule using it.

AFAIK, the built-in Hubitat driver doesn't expose this.

This is where I struggle. So far I have been able to add a tile for the deadbolt to the dashboard that toggles the lock when clicked. Is there a way to add an indication of whether the state is locked/unlocked to the tile?


First you need to go to yourhubip

Then click Apps on the left hand side...

Then click Hubitat Dashboards

Click on the dashboard in question..

Click choose devices and expose the locks to the dash. (Do not expose all devices, that will slow things down)

Click done

Now go to your dashboard and you will see the locks when you create a tile..

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Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I am still not seeing a status like you do. The Lock and Unlock buttons in the device info screen work, but notice that the current state is unknown.

Should we move this discussion elsewhere? I feel like I hijacked the OP's post.

Manually lock/unlock the lock a couple of times. (at the physical lock itself)

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Which driver was initially selected when you paired this lock? And did you change to a different driver?

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Generic Zwave I guess? I assume it auto installed.

Change it to the actual schlage driver, then click save then configure


All 4 of mine are currently paired to a Zooz 700 series stick (with latest SDK) on ZwaveJS. No issues whatsoever. Just have to have an automation watching AlarmLevel and AlarmType since those locks don’t support notifications for keypad event.

Did I mention I was a newbie? No idea how/where to change the driver. :slight_smile:

Go to the device's settings page in Devices tab.

Scroll down a bit, and there is a box for "Type". That is the driver. I would see what your driver is set to currently.

Once you click on the Device Type box, you can either type the name in to search, or scroll to Schlage.

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@user3955 - make sure you hit the Configure button af the top of the lock Device page after you change the driver and save the change.


Thanks all! Feel like I am making progress. Hopefully it will be working flawlessly in a few months.

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I have a single FE599. Couldn’t pair it to ZwaveJS with a UZB7, or more recently with Zooz’s 800 series GPIO controller.

I think 800 series support is still considered experimental. The stick makes all the difference IMO but you have to have the absolute latest SDK flashes. The 700 series SDK has been a train wreck but the latest release has fixed many of the compatibility issues.

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