Schlage Zwave Lever Lock Support

I am currently researching device support as I contemplate migrating from Vera Plus to Hubitat. I've read some older posts in the forum about issues with Schlage Zwave lock support and it seems that Schlage is no longer natively supported.

I'm both wondering why Schlage is not supported by Hubitat, given its popularity, and also curious if anyone out there is successfully using a Schlage Zwave lock (in particular, the Lever) with Hubitat despite lack of native support?

I could just switch out my Schlage Zwave Lever to a Yale Assure. However, I have all my locks in both homes keyed alike (Schlage), and introducing a new lock with a different key is not appealing. I realize it's a minor issue, since the lock is primarily used keyless anyway. But I'm partial to Schlage as a brand and all my other door/lock hardware is from Schlage.

Any input/guidance appreciated.

@SF_Sig Basically the problem is schlage does not provide firmware updates and because of that it can become a crap shoot and therefor while there is a native driver on Hubitat, Schlage has been moved off the list. Essentially if z-wave version of the lock has firmware that is 7.10 or newer it will be fine. You want to pair the lock the lock within a few feet of hubitat because of the security whisper mode. If it is the zigbee version of the local, it should pair without issue regardless of the firmware. Wifi version of the lock are not supported as they are cloud based.


Do you mean the FE599? That lock doesn't pair with Hubitat. I tried pairing it with a 700-series stick to ZWaveJS2MQTT and it wouldn't pair properly there either. I don't think it works with 700-series controllers.


Good call

It does seem to work fine with the older Hubitat Hubs, I have mine joined to a C-4 hub and it still works fine. I figured I would leave it there until it dies. Damn thing is going to live forever. It is hard to find lever locks and I have it keyed to match the other (dumb) locks on the house.

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I have given up on my Schlage BE468/BE469 Lock ZW+. I have three of them. I have tried most if not all of the suggestions from the HE forums to get them to work properly. I don't know the firmware versions, but all of them behave inconsistently and poorly and never seem to have an accurate state in HE, locked or unlocked. I am waiting on the Yale Assure 2 zigbee and will be replacing all three of the Schlage. I'm going with the keyless versions to avoid all of that mess.

You can find the firmware version on the inner plate next to where the oem codes are..


I had Schlage ZW locks working on HE for many years but ended up changing them to Zigbee version. I have Yale Zigbee lever lock on my crawl space door and they sell Schlage lock cylinders so you can make them work with the same keys as the rest of your house. Came with Kwikset version by default so I ordered extra Schlage cylinder to make work with my existing keys. Simple to change out with one screw.

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Good info. Thanks!

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Thanks everyone, for all this useful information.

First, it sounds like my Schlage Lever Z-wave lock is going to be DOA should I switch to Hubitat, so I will work now on proactively replacing it. I would happily consider another Schlage Lever Zigbee lock, but as far as I can tell, they are no longer available. In fact, it seems Schlage is no longer manufacturing the smart zwave locks - they are extremely difficult to find and being sold at ridiculous prices.

@user3915 , the Yale Assure Lever locks seem to be in very short supply as well. They are out of stock with Yale directly and most other online retailers. I did find some availability with, but only the pushbutton version, not the touchscreen version - not a huge issue, but would prefer the touchscreen. Makes me wonder if they're discontinuing this lock altogether. That said, I was aware of the lock cylinder kit you mentioned to rekey with Schlage. When I researched that a few months ago, I was told (if I'm remembering correctly) that this replacement cylinder was not compatible with the Yale Assure Lever locks. There is also a user Q&A post under the item implying the same. But I will check with Yale directly again later today. I'm curious - did you use that cylinder replacement in a Yale Assure Lever (either the YRL216 or YRL226) without any problem?

I have 2 YL226 locks that I purchased from Amazon. I then purchased the zigbee modules and the “Yale Lever Lock Cylinder” directly from Yale.

Look for your firmware version either on the sticker on the owners manual or on the lock itself that has your default codes. I had a sub 7.0 firmware working on HE for a while but will say you need to have a good mesh setup first. I paired the locks last. As mentioned ended up replacing with Zigbee version

As you have found there is definitely a shortage on chips for these locks which is impacting availability.

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I have this Yale zigbee lock, like it very much, haven't had any issues with it:

It is available from a couple of sellers, and actually for a little less than I paid for it almost two years ago.

@danabw - thank you. However, this lock is for a metal back gate, which only has a single hole for a door latch/knob, and no additional holes for a deadbolt. So, I specifically require a lever-style all-in-one lock like the Schlage or Yale versions we have been discussing.


@ritchierich - I haven't opened the lock (it's raining today), but I'm looking at the sticker with the programming codes. I'm not seeing a firmware designation, unless it's buried in the model number, which is IC 7954A-FE599. Just curious if that means anything to you, as in will this lock definitely not work with Hubitat?

I am having a heck of a time trying to buy a Yale Assure Lever. I'm down to the point now where I've got a guy at checking if they can pull the z-wave module out of one of the others they have in stock (the pushbutton version) and put it into a no-radio touchscreen version that I want. There are no z-wave modules available separately anywhere (nor any Zigbee either) that I can find, except for a used one on Ebay, which I'd be a bit nervous about buying. Is this just a chip shortage issue, or are they discontinuing these locks?

Yeah that is not it and may only be on the lock itself. I still have my older zwave locks and will look when I get home to confirm and let you know.

I was just searching myself and yes very hard to find. Lowes carries these locks and only have the homekit module in stock. I see the push button lock is available on Amazon but not touch screen version (one I have) but assuming you can get the lock you would still need the module.

I honestly think this is all due to chip shortage. The touch screen requires an extra chip to run so they have probably focused on push buttons as example. You might call Yale support to ask: 855.213.5841

I will let you know about the firmware version location later today.

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@danabw The Amazon link you posted states as follows regarding this particular lock.

Special Feature: Alcohol Free

For security reasons, I prefer that all of my locks are alcohol free, so Dan can you confirm this lock is in fact alcohol free?


Nice catch!

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Yea, drunken locks are not that great. Glad to have a sober smart lock.

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Got home and my firmware is indeed on the default code sticker on the instructions. This is a deadbolt and not lever lock so yours is likely different. Says FW Ver: Main_6.6. It’s also on the back of the lock, side that is against the door too so you will have to completely remove the lock to see this sticker. I had this lock on HE for a period of time and it worked. Was super difficult to pair at first but again it did work. As @rlithgow1 mentions v7.1 and higher is better. Another lock of mine had 7.0 and it worked.


I have it on good authority that the lock strongly prefers cannabis.