Schlage Locks - Multiple Lock/Unlock Events

So, this has been happening for a long time and I finally looked into it. I use HomeBridge and get 3 iPhone HomeKit notifications for locking/unlocking. I thought it was related to HomeBridge but I see now that Hubitat is the culprit. The logs show multiple events.

Example I locked this door and then 1 second later unlocked it. In the logs I got this:
dev:14602023-07-10 11:45:44.008 AMinfoSide Door was unlocked [digital]

dev:14602023-07-10 11:45:38.958 AMinfoSide Door was locked by thumb turn [physical]

dev:14602023-07-10 11:45:35.689 AMinfoSide Door was unlocked by thumb turn [physical]

dev:14602023-07-10 11:45:35.103 AMinfoSide Door was unlocked [digital]

dev:14602023-07-10 11:45:34.407 AMinfoSide Door was locked by thumb turn [physical]

dev:14602023-07-10 11:45:31.016 AMinfoSide Door was unlocked by thumb turn [physical]

dev:14602023-07-10 11:45:30.455 AMinfoSide Door was locked by thumb turn [physical]

dev:14602023-07-10 11:45:29.910 AMinfoSide Door was locked [digital]

Interestingly, this only happens when you lock or unlock with the physical lock. Anyone know what causes this or how to work around it?

I'm using the built in Schlage 469 driver.

I notice similar but I only get 2 notifications. It only happens when I manually unlock the door with the knob. It looks like it's registering a z-wave event (perhaps updating it's status) as the second event. (2 Separate locks depicted below)

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Seems to be a Z-Wave thing. My Schlage Zigbee lock doesn't do this.

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It's pretty annoying.

I don't get double notifications on either pushover or homekit.... Do you have the Hubitat homekit integration running as well or just the home bridge integration?

I had the same issue with my Schlage Conversion Zigbee lock. I had to add a 5 second wait for event elapsed time to the beginning of my rule that notifies me when is door is unlocked. That way it would only show one notification instead of two in rapid succession.

Just HomeBridge

Bumping this. I have moved over to purely the native HomeKit integration - so no longer on HomeBridge - and I still get as many as 3 lock and unlock events on the Home app on iOS. Anyone have any ideas?

I don't think it's HomeKit. I think it's the driver for Schlage. Here's the Schlage log.

This is not multiple unlocks. It's one singe manual turn of the lock.

Unlocking digitally might be even worse.

BE469ZP here, I am seeing the double log entry when unlocked manually, it shows a physical event then a digital. The lock is probably sending out two different notification types and the driver is logging them both, not realizing they are from the same real life event.

I am using Homebirdge to integrate to my HK and I only get one alert in HK. It is the default alerts for locks, alerting for every lock/unlock.

The logs is not where you want to look though, you need to check the events tab on the lock. I am only getting on posted even per real event. These events is what gets sent to HK, not the logs.

Also in my ever growing wish list in my head, I want to make a brand new custom Z-wave lock driver. I know these Schlage locks have some break in alert events that don't get handled and I also hate not know what the system drivers are doing exactly. I would rather have my own code I can modify to my liking.


It's just a driver thing. My Yale Z-Wave lock does not do this:

In your case, it appears that the driver logs both the command AND the confirmation from the device that it has received the command.

There is no command when I turn the knob with my hand. It is logging two different notification types. When you write custom drivers it makes more sense trust me :slight_smile: . The device is probably sending out a proper lock notification and then possibly some sort of more basic event for compatibility with older systems. I could switch the driver to something else and capture exactly what it sends if I felt like it.

But it is only posting one state change event which is what driver everything else so that is good. The logs are just logs, they do no drive any other actions or trigger anything, they are just there for information. The double log entry may be annoying or confusing but the log entry itself does not actually do anything.

thats not my issue i get 3 different messages for each lock or unlock.. these are for two different locks in two different locations on different c7s

@kahn-hubitat What is the device model on those and what driver are you using?

Does it only do it with a physical unlock?

Obviously there is an opportunity for an improved lock driver. The duplicate events is annoying because it will trigger rules multiple times and cause all sorts of complications.

Oh yeah, good point.... Well, I guess it IS totally redundant. Either way, it's the driver that determines this logging behavior.

I got annoyed with similar issues in my logs with some devices, so to clean it up I disabled the device logging on those devices and just made a rule to make a log entry with my own verbiage anytime a door is opened/closed/etc.

built in driver. same lock and driver for both.. i believe it gave duplicate for hub controlled unlock/lock as well but cant remember 100% and they are in occupied rental condos so i cannot in good faith remotely trigger the lock (lol)


Multiple logs are not a big deal. It's the multiple notifications on the app that is maddening. My wife tends to unlock the door to check for packages a couple of times a day. My phone gives me 6 Bee-doop alerts right in a row. Unlock/Unlock/Unlock pause Lock/Lock/Lock. It's just annoying but I guess I better just learn to be annoyed...

they are one and the same.. if it is coming out in the logs.. it is sending multiple notifications if you have those set up.