Schlage Lock not showing unlocked

Yesterday my Schlage Lock stopped showing Locked or Unlocked status. If the lock has been unlocked and the door has been closed, a rule will run and lock the door.

Not sure whey all the sudden the status is not being updated. Anyone have any ideas?

I can click on the lock on the dashboard and lock and unlock it without any problem.

So if the lock in physically locked, I click the icon on dashboard and choose to unlock, the lock does unlock, but the status does not change.

I had this. It's one of two things. I've not determined which it really was. 1: your lock is on the outer edge of your mesh and it's struggling. You could try repairing your mesh or just do ONE reboot and see if it straightens out. The other is that the batteries are weakening just enough and you're seeing the beginning symptoms. Change them even though it's not presenting as such. I did all of this without troubleshooting each issue. It resolved the issue.

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In addition to what @april.brandt wrote, check the battery voltage. My Schlage BE469 is terrible at reporting battery life. A brand-new set of four Duracell alkalines are about 6.4-6.5V (together). The lock starts misbehaving when the voltage is about 5.1-5.2V and abruptly dies when it hits under 4.9-5.0V. At 5.2V, the lock still reports 80% battery.

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@april.brandt @aaiyar

I've had this lock installed for just over a year now and it's about 15 ft away from my hub. Check the battery voltage and I'm sitting at 6.5 volts

I had this happen once recently (with a fresh set of batteries). I did a zwave repair before I left the house. Later that day, when the lock was still not reporting status updates,I disconnected the batteries for about 30 seconds and reinserted. Lock has been fine since.


I had these exact symptoms recently and then my batteries died the next week (using rechargeables). So I would check your batteries.

Starting working again last night. Still working as of this morning. Weird.

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Ooooor .. do nothing and see how it fares out. Sometimes that's how you have to roll. Glad it's working again.

@basic261 @april.brandt

Something similar happened to me with a Schlage BE469 and a Schlage FE599. It frustrated me sufficiently that I started considering replacing them both with zigbee locks.

Weird thing - just like for you, one of them spontaneously started working again the following morning (and has continued working since then):

The other lock, which I had gone ahead and unpaired from HE would only pair back to HE the following morning:

Well that didn't last long. Came home from lunch unlock the door, it did record that it was unlocked. Getting ready to leave I unlocked the door walked out shut the door. Dashboard says it was already locked yeah I just walked through it. I have a rule set up that when the door contact is closed wait 3 minutes and lock the door. I sat on the porch for 3 minutes seeing what would happen because dashboard says it's already locked. 3 minutes went by the rule triggered and the lock was locked. Strange

Time to contact support. Include the logs which indicate that the lock unlocked. That is key in this case. Because apparently the device communicated a change in status but that change wasn't "recognized"

Just curious. I looked through, but didn't find how your lock is paired. The new pairing method has you moving your lock close to your hub for a secure pair. Did you do this? Pair securely? Are you using the most updated driver? It just seems completely strange that this is happening to you. My lock paired securely purely by happenstance. It was only recently when I was checking into some changes did I consider the secure pairing because everything was working just fine. As a matter of fact, more than fine. Come to find out, it was already paired securely. I have no idea if this could affect things, but it crossed my mind, so I thought I'd share.

Yes the lock is paired securely


That setting would confirm that the hub would try to pair securely. I'm not sure that it means the device has paired securely.

If you open the device page for the garage door controller and look near the bottom, there is a data section that would look like this:

If that field is not present then it didn't pair securely.

It is

Feel free to replace "garage door controller" with "lock" where applicable. I dont know why my brain farted in that post.:laughing:

My lock drops off about once a day and I need to remove and replace the batteries to make it come back online. Before this, worked fine for 2 years on Wink and Wink 2. Now, batteries last only about 2-3 weeks too despite being "offline" most of the time.

I had a similar experience.

Adding Aeotec Range Extenders has largely resolved the issue. After adding them, both my zwave locks have stayed online with great battery life (120-150 days). They did fall off once - but I think that was for unrelated reasons.

That's one thing I do not have a problem with his battery life. My battery seem to last a long time. I did add a Z-Wave extender and like support said put a close to the hub

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What driver are you using? Generic zwave lock or the specific driver for the BE468/BE469? And what platform version do you have on your HE?

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