Need a recommendation for a zigbee deadbolt and zigbee lever lock

After four months of working flawlessly, both my Schlage locks dropped off the network today.

Everything else that's zwave/zwave+ is fine - no issues. One of the locks was a BE469 and the other was a FE599.

I looking to replace both with zigbee locks - deadbolt and leverlock.

I see that Yale makes zigbee 3.0 locks now. Are these supported by Lock Code Manager?

Guess it depends on the model. Why would the protocol matter? I would think that you should be fine with one of the supported locks. I'm using Yale YRD256 Z-Wave Plus, but I wouldn't expect that if I swapped out its module for the Zigbee radio module that it wouldn't work.

I guess it doesn't. I've just spent the last hour trying to re-pair my z-wave deadbolt and lever lock with no success (hub reboots etc) that I want to give zigbee a shot.

I have been holding off on getting a lock because all the zigbee options are so expensive. My zigbee mesh is just a lot stronger than my z-wave at I feel it's a better, more responsive protocol. So, I feel with wanting to find a good zigbee option. If you find one, let us know cause I need one too. And i'm in the same boat. One door is deadbolt and the other is a lever handle.

Have you check to see if your Aeotecs are still functioning?

What about the Schlage zigbee version? I am getting one installed in my new house so I won't know how it goes until closer too but I did chat to someone on this community about it and he said it worked well.

Yeah, they're gorgeous. And that's the cheapest I've seen them. The problem is that one that I use the most is the door from the garage and that is just a handle. Plus, about a year before I started down my Home Automation path I bought Schlage non-smart push button locks for both doors (dead-bolt for one and push button for the other). They cost me almost $400 for the two of them. I did that after locking myself out shortly after moving in and having to call a locksmith. And I've loved them. But I'm kicking myself now.

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All Aeotecs are good. Yup, I'm super frustrated.

@waynespringer79 @Ryan780

Weirdest thing. This morning the lever lock (FE599) is back up and running even though it refused to pair last night. I didn't do a darn thing last night - it just "re-paired" itself.

I'd pulled the batteries on the BE469 overnight so it didn't do something crazy like unlock itself. I'll try pairing it again after breakfast.

In the meantime, switching to two Yale zigbee locks will run me about $370. Yale sent me a 20% discount code valid for 24 hours.

Paired fine. Took 5 minutes to delete the existing codes and re-populate them using Lock Code Manager. Everything is back to exactly where it was. I'm left with so many questions:

  1. Why did they suddenly both go offline?
  2. They both excluded fine last night. Neither one could be added back. I went through multiple rounds of exclude/include.
  3. One of the excluded locks spontaneously re-paired overnight.
  4. The second one paired right away this morning.

The whole thing has weirded me out. I'm seriously considering getting Yale zigbee locks.

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I very highly recommend Kwikset locks. I've bought 4 of them off Ebay- very cheap. I had tried 3 Schlage Z wave locks and had nothing but trouble and frustration with them. Occasionally they'd work but mostly they wouldn't. And there was always a sig delay between trying to unlock them and them actually unlocking. My Zigbee Kwikset locks are nearly immediate in response when remote unlocking, and they work 100% of the time.

You can buy a Kwikset 911 series (on ebay) and add in a Kwikset Zigbee Chip (look on ebay)- and Boom it's Hubitat ready.

Here is a cheap 914 Kwikset deadbolt.

This is a solid deal on a Yale Zigbee lock.