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So I just got off the phone with Schlage. As most of us have problems with the be469 communicating with habitat.
I sent an email a week ago got no response so I figured today I will just call them. What a waste of time.

I tell the support person my problems with a lock falling off the network every week and having to reset it. She asks what platform in on. Tell her Hubitat. She never heard of it. She asks does the keypad work? Yes the keypad works, then your lock is fine she says. No help whatsoever no diagnosis nothing. Basically I ended up telling her so I guess what you're telling me is that I should ditch my lock and go with your competitor. She basically says if that will work yes. Wow I will never buy another Schlage lock again

Your experience echoes that of myself and others here. The older BE469 locks have bad ZWave firmware that is full of bugs. Anything older than firmware v7.1 is junk.

I called Schlage support a couple times when I was troubleshooting with SmartThings. Support wanted nothing to do with the feedback that the SmartThings team provided me.

I was also told they also do not provide tools to upgrade lock firmware nor do they service out of warranty locks.

I too have purchased my last Schlage product.


I was seriously just going to buy one of the BE469s.

Are the new ones ok?

I've had five BE469's for over five years and I have never had a problem with any of them. I can't speak to their customer service because I never had to contact them. I also have never paired them with HE. I use a different system for my locks. If that is how their CS responds though that is concerning.

I would say the Z-Wave plus models would be ok.

My experience with their CS has been quite different. However, I didn't try to troubleshoot the issue with them (or describe the issue at length) - just told them the lock wasn't working even after a factory reset. They shipped me replacements right away - no questions asked.

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I will give them another call. Let them know my lock is not working. I'll see what happens

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Good luck! Be a little pushy - you've paid for that lock with good money!

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@aaiyar did they ask for the old one back? Did you have a Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus? What did they replace it with?

No, they do not ask for the old one back. I did my replacements a while ago. I replaced two locks with FW 6.8. For one of them they sent me FW 7.1 (which works ok with HE), and the other which was 6-8 months later, the replacement had FW 7.2 (which is totally fine).

All original z-wave.

Just ran across this article in my rss feeds and thought of this thread.

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I have a BE469, v7.1. I had it working with Wink for 2.5 years with no problems. I could lock/unlock, change codes, etc. etc., with no issues. That changed when I migrated to HE. Basically, there are two issues:

  1. As is stated in numerous posts in this community, HE has weak radios, at least weaker than Wink. So to wake the lock up/work reliably you have to have the Schlage close to the Hub, or alternatively have a Z-Wave repeater close by. A lot of folks are pushing the Aeotec repeaters, but I found a cheap Honeywell (GE/Jasco) repeater that is working just fine. You have to run Z-Wave repair prior to, and after inclusion of the lock. After all that, I have had no issues with the lock itself, except for . . . .

  2. The Lock Code Manager app sucks, and I sense that Hubitat is deliberately/selectively ignoring negative reports. Just this past week I posted about uncovered another bug, but Hubitat has not yet bothered to acknowledge or respond. The Schlage lock allows the user to set the code length (from 4-8), and you can do that manually from the lock. However, when using LCM to set the code length, the lock will cease to work from HE, and the LCM goes FUBAR.

Bottom line: Whilst there might be some issues with Schlage, by and large they work well. The fact that HE has weak radios and/or a bad driver, bad LCM, etc. - which makes for a negative user experience, this is not the fault of Schlage, but rather Hubitat. My 2c . . . .

How can you make a conclusive decision based on a single data point? I have a Yale YRD256 lock and the hub radio has not been an issue. I have a repeater now, but it wasn’t purchased for the lock, and the lock worked fine without it. Many others have different locks from mine and yours, and also do not have issues.

I’m not sure what you need from the LCM app, since you don’t mention what criteria are not met. If there are problems with your lock, I don’t understand how that makes LCM inadequate in your view. I use it with my lock and it works fine.

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I did not make the conclusion about the weak radios, and how it impacts Schlage functionality - Hubitat and this community did! Why Yale works? Well you would need to ask Hubitat that . . . .

I have 4 Schlage locks for over 5 years now. They worked fine under Iris & Wink. I switched them to HE last year & the problems started immediately...even bought Aeotec repeaters...still had problems. I put them all back on Wink & problems were solved. They are the only thing I still have left on Wink.

I love my Schlage locks...I just don't love them on HE.

I’ve recently experienced the same issue with code length on one of my 4 Schlage locks. I just ordered new z-wave plus Schlage locks and will try them next weekend.

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The workaround is to set the code length manually in the lock. Works fine then.

I uncovered another issue today. Once you set the code length to 6 in the lock, stay away from enabling lockCode Encryption on the device page. If you do it will hose up LCM and lock functionality to the point where it becomes unusable . . . .

Note though that the Z-Wave plus uses the same driver (BE469), so the SetCOdeLength and lockCode encyption issues would remain . . . :frowning:

@markisrael. Yes it will use the same driver however it's Z-Wave Plus.

Something else is going on here, there is no corelation between lock code length and encryption.

Mike - I copied you in an earlier post (12/31) in which I posted that SetCodeLength is broken. You have to set it manually to 6 in the lock, and not HE. Which I did. At that time I enabled lockCode encryption, and have not used the lock till today. No events were logged since then, and the lock was unresponsive when trying to lock/unlock from the Device page. LCM was totally unusable, with a spinning wheel for an extended period of time. I removed the encryption, and went back to 4 digit code length, and everything functioned 100%. I then - step by step - added 6 digit length, and eventually encryption. Again, the same results - LCM becomes unusable after encryption is enabled, with changes to user codes being stuck forever (pending). I can reproduce this at will , so do let me know if you need any further info.

I do realize this is bordering on a corner case, so with manually setting the code length, and removing encryption, the lock and LCM works just fine . . . .