Schlage BE469 Alerts for Wrong Code and Tamper Alarm

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Quick question about this specific lock. On Wink Hub 2 I was able to create a 'robot' that would notify me if the tamper alert on the lock was set off. I understand the tamper alert is the loud alarm built into the lock that will go off if the lock is tampered with. Is there a way to do this in Hubitat?

Also, I've read some previous threads about the potential to be notified if too many wrong lock codes are entered. Something along the lines of monitoring for zwaveAlarmEvent of 16 or something?? Is this actually possible? Thanks!

Here are the custom attributes and custom commands available with the BE469 in Hubitat:12%20PM

So I don't see a way to do either of two things on your list.

Unless something has changed recently, what you're asking for isn't possible with the stock driver, as noted in the previous reply, but if that's really what the device does on too many bad lock codes entered, then it should be possible for the driver to interpret that somehow. There's a dedicated driver for the Schlage Connect Z-Wave models now, so it shouldn't clutter up the generic driver, but the issue would still be how to expose that, ideally, as some sort of standard capability in Hubitat. (Not sure which staff member wrote this driver. Mike? If so, he'd probably know what these are actually capable of Z-Wave-wise. I unfortunately also think there might be a difference between the older and newer models, or maybe that's just the 468 vs t469 [one lacks a built-in alarm and I'm not sure it would do anything for the above], but not sure if it would be a dealbreaker for a unified driver.)

The Tamper Capability seems to be the easiest way to expose that to Hubitat. It would be a simple matter of finding out what the message is and then calling the detected() method. A decision would need to be made about how to then clear that tamper detection though. Would you want it to happen automatically after a timeout or only manually?

Is there anyway to perhaps reverse engineer how wink was doing it?

I have all the actual codes but there are way too many to dump then all under tamper so I moved on for the time being

Any updates on this? I too would love to get tamper and alarm codes working for these locks :slight_smile:

Considering that these locks are not on the list of compatible devices, I imagine there has not been further driver development.

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I think they are still developing for this and there is some support. In the last hub update, Release 2.2.4 Available, they fixed an issue for these locks. I may be wrong, though. :slight_smile:

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