Schedule nightly restarts to deal with Hub slowdown

My HE hub slows down every couple of days without fail! My automations end up taking about 10-15s to run and the hub UI also becomes slow. It's weird because controlling devices from the hub UI seems to remain fast even when the slowdown occurs.

I've tried working with support and disabling devices to fix it but nothing has helped. It's been like this since day 1 (for over a month) and the experience has been pretty frustrating for me and has felt much less reliable than SmartThings (I feel like every day, I've been trying to fix this). In fairness, most of my devices use custom code but other than the LG device (which I've disabled many times but that hasn't fixed the issue), I'd think most of the custom code has been well used on the forum but could be wrong.

I have:
14 Z-Wave devices (all inovelli or ge light switches)
12 Zigbee devices (10 iris motion sensors with 2 peanut zigbee outlets as extenders),
4 philips hue bulbs (using hue integration)
ecobee thermostat with 2 sensors (using ecobee suite)
LG TV ([PORT] LG Smart TV Discovery 2012+)
2 Logitech Harmony hubs ([Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20200114)
SmartThings hub (using HubConnect)
2 Chromecasts (using native Chromecast integration, beta)

Anyways, would love to get my hub faster but before that happens (and to the point of this post), need a way to schedule restarts of the hub every night. Please can anyone who's done this direct me on how to do this?


Sorry to hear that you are having issues and I hope you and support can nail down the issue.
In the meantime you can schedule reboots with @dman2306's superb app.


Thank you. Will try that

BTW I had issues earlier this year of my hub slowing down.
For me it turned out to be Chromecast (beta) that was causing issues.
I'm not saying that this is what could be causing you issues but it might be worth a try to disable the app.
Also disable any apps that are sending anything to these devices if you disable them.
Might be worth a try.

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Good to know. i've actually never used the Chromecast integration so I'm perfectly fine getting rid of it (if it causes issues). I had a use-case for adding it but wasn't urgent. I'll try disabling it now then.


Also take a look at @adamkempenich's "Rootin' Tootin' Self-Rebootin'" . His app will detect slowdowns and automatically reboot a slow hub.


Disabling Chromecast devices didn't help unfortunately. Slowdown again today with bulbs taking about 3 secs to respond. I'm going to disable everything custom (devices and apss) and see if I still get slowdowns. If I do, I think it's safe to say the hub is the issue.

Oh, and I now have my Hue bulbs turning off by themselves (happened today and yesterday randomly). I have no idea what's causing it and HE doesn't make it clear why they would have turned off. The only automation that turns them off is when the mode changes to 'Away' and that hasn't occurred today.

I wonder if I have some zombie rules running. I've tried soft resetting but still experience these various issues. Not sure what else to do but it's interesting to me that my experience has been poor while others have great things to say about HE.

So yesterday, I disabled every custom device and app except 2 Inovelli switches (which control hue bulbs) and the ABC app (which I use for the control). I then restarted the HE hub and things worked fine (like they always do right after a restart) with the switch turning on and off the hue bulbs in about 500ms.

After work today (just over 24 hours later), I tried to turn on the hue bulbs with the switch and it took 7s and 9s! Also, my devices and apps pages take This is with only 2 custom devices and 2 custom ABC child apps enabled.

dev:1182020-01-21 05:54:58.831 pm infoP was turned on
dev:1162020-01-21 05:54:56.545 pm infoBen was turned on
app:302020-01-21 05:54:53.213 pm infoTurning On: [Ben, P]
app:302020-01-21 05:54:52.758 pm debugBedside Lights Switch: Button 1 was pushed
app:302020-01-21 05:54:52.722 pm debugtimeOk = true
app:302020-01-21 05:54:52.713 pm debugdaysOk = true
app:302020-01-21 05:54:52.707 pm debugmodeOk = true
dev:242020-01-21 05:54:49.844 pm infoBedside Lights Switch: Button 1 was pushed

I then decided to turn off the hue lights using Hubitat Smart Lighting and disabled the ABC app. That took 8s and 10s to turn off the hue lights.

dev:1182020-01-21 06:17:24.111 pm infoP was turned off
dev:1162020-01-21 06:17:22.449 pm infoBen was turned off
dev:242020-01-21 06:17:21.378 pm infoBedside Lights Switch: Power report received with value of 7.8 W
dev:242020-01-21 06:17:19.532 pm infoBedside Lights Switch: Power report received with value of 8.2 W
app:5142020-01-21 06:17:17.930 pm infoTurn Off Ben, P when Bedside Lights Switch button 1 held Turn Off
dev:242020-01-21 06:17:17.385 pm infoBedside Lights Switch: Power report received with value of 7.8 W
dev:242020-01-21 06:17:15.501 pm infoBedside Lights Switch: Power report received with value of 8.2 W
dev:242020-01-21 06:17:14.789 pm infoBedside Lights Switch: Button 1 was held

At this point, I think it's safe to say there's something wrong with my hub. I'm going to start a new thread with this info to see if anyone can help.

I had 2 Inovelli Z Wave smart plug, they always unreliable. Now I retired them, use zigbee smart plug, so far so good.

Reach out to Support by email at the bottom of any HE page. Tagging @bobbyD