Scene miss fire because of wrong status

every night I press my zen32 button called "dodo" which calls a scene to turn all lights off (all zen72).
half the time I now have one light that does not turns off.

when I look at the logs, it appear that hubitat is smart enough to not ask a light that is already off to go off. GREAT! saves some useless zwave trafic.

when I look at my logs, I dont see the light that stayed on been asked to go off. then I manually turn it off and back on, then call the scene again and now it turns off.

so I really believe hubitat was simply out of sync regarding the status of that light (it though it was off when it was actually on)

how do I fix that?

so here is my logs:

at 10:11:52 (all the way down) I first press the DODO button for all lights to go off.
then we see all lights go off. note that the "RDC-cuisine-D" light is not listed in the logs
at 10:14:02, I press the button again. hubitat does not do anything as it thinks all lights are off. but trust me, my kitchen lights were still on.
at 10:14:17, I manually turn that light off and back on
at 10:14:32 I press DODO again and we see hubitat only turns off "cuisine" and nothing else

I had that occur with the basement and the bathroom

here is its info in the zwave setting:
PER: 0, RTT Avg: 17ms, LWR RSSI: 10dB
Neighbors: 44, Route Changes: 6
01 -> 0C -> 0A -> 24 100kbps

Use this, it will send additional commands until it sees that the light is off...

I think the issues is not that the switch wont answer to off commands, but that hubitat believe it's off and therefor does not issue any off commands at all.

I called the all-off scence twice, first time we see logs of all light been asked to go off (except the kitchen), second time I call the scene, hubitat does not do anything as, to its knowledge, all lights are already off. then I manually turn off and back on the kitchen light and call the scene again and hubitat only turns off the kitchen light as now it knows kitchen is on.

also can you provide more details on what is the code you posted?
I need to keep my all-off scene as I have RM that triggers based on scene status

It will send off commands regardless of the status to the lights you choose.

ok, thanks. im still fairly new to hubitat. but that seems like a band aid on the issue more than a solution.
is there a way to ensure hubitat is up to date with switches status?
that would sounds more like a solution. (again, newbie here. but if later I have issues about a always on? or a scene that dim 20 lights at different levels?)

Ok, lets start with posting your z-wave details page. Also what firmware are all your zooz switches on? But that said it's not really a band-aid. A lot of things come in to play. The layout of your mesh, the layout of your home as well are they metal or plastic boxes, signal strength, routes, etc.

thanks for helping. really appreciated. (I should have say that before :slight_smile: )

I checked 5-6 zooz zen72 and they are all:

  • protocolVersion: 7.13
  • hardwareVersion: 1
  • firmwareVersion: 10.0

I just updated the hub from to hopefully that will do

and since hub just got reboot, I dont have much in zwave detail page. but here is how it was 3 weeks ago (for what it worth. I didn't had the issue back then, but hopefully that can answer some other questions)
ill let the system wake up and post a fresh one in a few days

I have metal boxes

Can you post the native z-wave details page? Easier for me to read. Also shut down hub, unplug for 5 mins and power back up to reset z-wave radio

ok. so here is the zwave details.
I did not power off 5 minutes. all it did was reboot on its own after firmware upgrade. I can try a 5 minutes without power if you want tomorrow.
this evening, calling the all of scene left SS-Gym-D and 2e-SDB1-D on
thanks for your help!

Well you have that one powered off and it's a mains powered device. That will cause problems with your mesh because of things attempting to route through it.

I would shut down for the 5 mins (unplug at the wall NOT the hub).

Metal boxes can also inhibit signal somewhat. A beaming repeater near that light may help or @lewis.heidrick antenna mod. As I said though, that snipped of code isn't really a bandaid. If it works vs spending money on stuff it's a win in my book, lol.

Other than the one being powered down, your mesh looks pretty decent overall.

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I already did the antenna mod.
Ill try to power it off 5 minutes. will see

if that does not solve it, I think ill reset everything. I still have this issue that I seem to be the only one to get Scene status not acurate

What properties are available on the device itself? Maybe there is something there that needs to be set.

hi Lewis!
you mean the settings on the dimmers?
those are all the settings available ZEN72 Dimmer Switch 700 Advanced Settings - Zooz Support Center

go one! (if that was what you meant... lol) this one might be at fault (parameter 20). when im done working during evening, I go watch TV a bit and always turn on my "movie" scene which turns off all the main floor except kitchen and living room. then I go to bed and turn on my all off scene. often I have seen kitchen and living room not answering.
that why im thinking at resetting everything cuz I found the zooz product to come with none factory default setting too often. did a customer house yesterday, may had the led setting reversed (led on when light off VS led on when light on). one didn't want to include. documentation state that if already included, include process wont trigger. so factory default the dimmer and was able to include the brand new dimmer.

Parameter 20: Choose how you'd like the dimmer to report when paddles are tapped and held and physical / Z-Wave control is enabled or disabled.

Values: 0 – report each brightness level to hub when physical / Z-Wave control is disabled for physical dimming (final level only reported if physical / Z-Wave control is enabled). 1 – report final brightness level only for physical dimming, regardless of the physical / Z-Wave control mode.

Size: 1 byte dec

Yup that looks like a likely culprit.

ok, so I know how to reset my zooz devices. ill look on how to factory reset the hub (factory reset hubutat and zwave)

thanks for pointing in the right direction.

also, might be more a question to hubitat engineers, but could that parameter 20 be causing my Scene status not acurate issue?

question is: when I go into apps, I see a scene as NOT SET. fine. when I click that scene, does that trigger hubitat to go read status of each devices in the scene? and then hubitat realize that this scene is actually SET? could that be because of parameter 20 (dimmer not reporting back status after a zwave control)

The scene is either set active or not active and report as such but it is up to the individual device to reflect it's status back to HE, this is NOT done through the scene activation. All the scene activation is doing is telling the switches to turn on or off

This a wonderful app. It fixed all my problems. I turn off like 24 switches at night and this is the only thing that makes that work consistently.

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