Samsung TV integration Question

Hey all,

I know there are ways to integrate control of TVs using IR, but I am looking for a way to integrate with my Samsung TV using IP not only to control it, but also launch some of the smartApps on it when certain events happen. Has anyone tried to integrate with their samsung TV like this?

I've googled for so long on how to control this TV using IP but I've come up short. Most of the stuff I find is limited to control of the TV but not the ability to launch smart Apps.

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Coincidentally noticed this yesterday. It does not solve your problem but at least hints at direct integration with Samsung Tv's.

Scrolling through the list there is one called Samsung TV that looks like this

Any news on this?!

Any update here? This would be fantastic

I just posted a new topic that kind of overlaps with this. Trying to figure out which way to go!

Just voting for this SAMSUNG TVs integration... needed here as well.

+1 :grinning:

Having issues with Samsung's built-in TV motion sensor sensitivity, so would love the ability to:
-Turn Ambient/Art mode on/off based on input from Hubitat
-Turn tv power on/off based on input from Hubitat

Currently using the Smarthings app for TV control, but much prefer using Hubitat!


Any updates on this? Miss the ST level of integration.

Pretty pretty please :grinning:
I'd be happy just just to have status of whether on or off...

I'm using my old smartthings hub to add them there and then share with hubconnect... they show up as a switch which tells you if its on or off... I then use a virtual switch connected to wake on lan to turn them on... The function to turn them on, even in smartthings doesn't work... However, you can turn them off from smarttings and that carries over in the hubconnect switch... so, its clunky with two devices.. one to turn on and another to see status and turn off...

i'd love if someone could help me write a hubconnect driver that would control other functions in smartthings via the hubconnect app...

I have my Samsung (2019) TV connected to the smartthings app without their hub, and I'm able to turn it off/on without any issues using just the app. The app doesn't tell you however if the TV is on/off though which isn't very helpful.

I've tried to get ST discover my TV (2015 UN65HU) no luck...
Samsung has really screwed up TV support on ST :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For SmartThings integration, it is now limited to 2016 and newer... And not all of the 2016's seem to work either...

I have a 2015 TV that I added an upgrade kit to so it now functions as the 2016 model...

In any event, my SmartThings app tells me if the TV is on or off and even what channel or input it is on...

Many different discussion around the internet confirm my experience that you cannot use the app to turn the TV on... Only off...

The reason is, the TV after being off for a bit, goes into a deeper sleep. I can turn on my TV if I immediately turn it off as its still in the half baked sleep... But after a few minutes, that option is gone..

That's why I use WOL to turn them on... Just my experience...

What is the "upgrade" kit ?

Found it on samsung support site

Sorry, just getting a chance to respond... This is the one I'm using... Its really just a separate OS for the TV... Doesn't really add much but newer apps and SmartThings...

I added this on top of the SEK-3500 which adds more visual upgrades such as HDR... Kind of a mess when I probably should have just bought a newer TV... But by updating this TV, now all of my TV's are compatible with SmartThings...

Appreciate the info