Samsung TV integration Question


Hey all,

I know there are ways to integrate control of TVs using IR, but I am looking for a way to integrate with my Samsung TV using IP not only to control it, but also launch some of the smartApps on it when certain events happen. Has anyone tried to integrate with their samsung TV like this?

I've googled for so long on how to control this TV using IP but I've come up short. Most of the stuff I find is limited to control of the TV but not the ability to launch smart Apps.

TV Integrations (LG, Samsung, Vizio)

Coincidentally noticed this yesterday. It does not solve your problem but at least hints at direct integration with Samsung Tv's.

Scrolling through the list there is one called Samsung TV that looks like this


Any news on this?!


Any update here? This would be fantastic


I just posted a new topic that kind of overlaps with this. Trying to figure out which way to go!