Samsung Dvm S Eco (heat pump)

I want to move from SmartThings hub to Hubitat but need support for Samsung DVM S eco. I think I can manage to migrate my other devices. Currently I have both SmartThings and Hubitat and would like to eliminate one of these devices to simply my system.

If it's connected to the SmartThings cloud, then this driver will probably work.

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How do you currently connect your DVMS system to Hubitat (if you do).?
Do you use the mimh03 or mim04 WiFi connector?

Basically I use the Samsung DVMS connected to ST cloud (no hub). I then connect ST cloud to Hubitat using node-red and Maker API.

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I do not have DVM S eco connected to Hubitat. I was hoping to get rid of the ST device. Samsung has abandoned the device and I would like to do so also.

I would like to help but need more details. Do you have the Wi-Fi adapter mim-h04 or different version?
If you do then you do not need a ST hub at all to control the unit.
If you don’t then how did you connect it to ST? Let’s go step by step.

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I believe I have MIM-H03UN. Access to device is difficult as it is installed in the ceiling.
MAC: 702C1F53EA46

Can I switch to h04? I used Samsung Smart Home App to start, but that was dicontinued/replaced. I now connect from within ST app selection Samsung A/C device.

Did you check out the app I linked to above?

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That is a link for connecting to a Soundbar, I did not think to investigate it for connecting and controling an HVAC system. Should I rethink?

Sorry, I accidentally linked to a specific post. Here's the first post: Drivers for Samsung Appliances controlled via SmartThings Cloud API

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OK, I installed the app, however ST hub is still in on my network so I cannot tell if the app is being used or if it is till using ST hub. I have other devices connected to the hub so I cannot simply disconnect and so do not know priority of hub versus app. I could do a temp diconnect for a test, but need to move other devices off ST hub for regular operation??

Maybe my other deivices will work if I instally your other drivers? I have LG washer&dryer, samsung refrig, Lutron light switches, GE oven,

The Samsung HVAC has worked for several US and European users of standard Samsung HVAC. It uses the Samsung SmartThings integration for the devices, which is what Samsung currently uses for connecting their systems to the web. It does not require an active SmartThings HUB.

Before installing, I would suggest temporarily unplugging your SmartThings hub to assure something in that ST hub is required. Then if it works, you know that unplugging the ST hub will not impact the HVAC system.

Well I have installed already but disconnected the ST device and controls for my lights and HVAC are working, now I need to connect my refrig. Which driver should I install for Samsung RF28K9070SR
(28 cu. ft. 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator)?

Drivers for Samsung Appliances controlled via SmartThings Cloud API

The installation details link will go to install instructions as well as required drivers in Hubitat.

I want to point further discussion to this post so other people can access information. Please forward any further comments to that thread OR feel free to PM me.

Note that this is a parent - child device set in Hubitat. This allows successful integration with dashboards and rule machine. The parent driver will install the children based on the data from the SmartThings API.

Known issue: Installation looks at each component (icemaker, compartment, etc) and installs if they are not disabled (in message from ST's). It should be a perfect method - but all of these are still in-development.


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