Samotech Remote Control

Has anyone got the Samotech remote control working with Hubitat? I can pair it with the hub ok but when I try to set it up in Simple Automation rules to control a light using button 1 nothing happens when I push the button and there is nothing in the events for the device.

What driver have you chosen for it?

The default RGBgenie Button Controller.

Is there anything in the general logs pertaining to this device? And did you try doing a command directly into the device page to see if that got logged?

It seems like there isn’t a driver for it (ZB-5004) see -RGBgenie Driver

Unfortunately I’ve moved all my bulbs and inline Zigbee switches back over to Hue where the remote works great and suits my set up. Not sure I need my Hubitat now :thinking:

All my lighting-related stuff is on the Hue Bridge. But I have it linked to my Hubitat because I prefer the apps and rule engine on Hubitat, and I have a lot of non-lighting related sensors too.

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