Salus IT600

Hey guys,

Can anyone translate this python integration from hass into hubitat groovy ?

I've some salus devices that I plan to add to my zigbee network run on hubitat.
Currently I'm just learning how to sniff packets and write drivers.
Hit me up in a month or so for update

@andrzej.krajniak There is already a driver out there for the SP600 device. If you are thinking of writing a driver you might want to check it out and use this one instead.
I'm using it and it works a treat.

Yeah, so I don't have SP600, I have bunch of floor heating devices, that I would like to add to my hubitat instead of salus network

I also have a steam radiator system with the Salus controls universal gateway that they managed to gain access to via the EUID on the bottom label in HA.

It would be great to port this over.

Any success? I was also looking at the Python driver to control my Salus heating system within Hubitat.

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