Run action at specific time unless sun is up

Just starting to use HE and trying to get my head around the UI :slight_smile:

I wanted to create a rule that turns on the outdoor lights at a certain time - unless the sun is already up. Most likely I did not yet figure out the HE way of configuring the rule so I am trying to say: "At 6am: if the current time is between midnight and sunrise, turn on the lights".

Two questions:

  1. What would be the optimal way of doing this?
  2. Where does the (F) [FALSE] come from to the end of the condition in my action?

RM4 is considered a heavy app and should usually be the go-to app for things that can't be done in either simple automation or motion lighting app. I'd just use Simple Automation for this.

I also have a separate rule for each of the lights that will turn them back on if someone accidentally turns them off during my time window.

  1. Where does the (F) [FALSE] come from to the end of the condition in my action?

This is the current state of the evaluated rule.

Hmm... your rule always turns on the lights at sunset and off at sunrise or? What I want to do is to turn on the lights, not at sunrise but at a specific time, unless the sun is up already.

Yes, I use led's bulbs outside so its like 4 bucks a year for all 4 lights and brightens up the outside to deter thieves.

Is the rule you posted not working as expected?

@lewis.heidrick I have some outdoor lights which I don't want to have turned on when sleeping (partially lights up the bedroom). I don't yet know if the rule runs OK but now that you mentioned that the (F) [FALSE] is all about - it might.

BTW. you mentioned that the RM4 is heavy? Does it mean that having multiple RM4 rules could cause too much load on the hub?

It has a cumulative effect and for most rules that turn on lighting, you want them to be fast. Off rules aren't that important since you're not standing there waiting for it to turn off immediately. It's generally the preferred practice to use the specialized apps first then RM4 if the others aren't a better fit. RM4 does have it's place and is a great app to get complex stuff done but most other apps are much smaller and will execute faster. The less time it spends processing apps the more responsive the hub will feel.

OK, thanks for the heads up. One of the reasons I bought the HE was the advertised speed. Is it so that the system needs to load each rule (which are separate apps?) periodically, to evaluate the trigger condition - and this loading of apps causes the cumulative load? If so, hopefully there's some way to log and benchmark key events related to performance.

The apps load when the condition trigger is met and yes each rule is considered it's own child instance of the app. You'll sometimes get to a point where one condition fires off multiple rules. In those instances you want them to execute as quickly and efficiently as possible so there's no perceived lag. The longer a rule takes to load and execute the more likely you are to have multiple rules running at once. "Rules are free" is a common saying around here referring to the KISS method. Every little bit helps and if you start off with this mindset you should have a great experience.

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Use these to check for apps or devices that are taking a longer than than normal time to execute. Use the enable link to begin stat collection, the stats link to view the results, and disable when you're done. Don't forget to turn the stats off.


You can use this to monitor mesh performance.

If you want to get down in the weeds you could run something like Hubigraph.

@lewis.heidrick Thanks :+1: Interesting stuff.

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I agree with the Simple Automation to get this done

Your RM rule should do the same thing though

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