Rules Machine: Ability to organize rules under group names

As we all know, when using RM to automate complex tasks, multiple rules are required to code the logic. This can lead to a large amount of rules. A great way to organize these rules would be to have the ability to group these rules together. WebCore has this feature and I found it extremely useful for keeping things organized.

....and while your at it, grouping would also be very useful for devices as well.

Thanks - and keep up the great work. I am so glad to have finally found a platform\development team who actually GETS IT with home automation!

-local processing
-access to cloud api's
-simple solutions to automate basic tasks
-logic engine to automate complex tasks
-custom code for things that don't exist
-awesome and generous user community
-fantastic support
-a smart group of core developers


Plus one on this feature request. I am gradually creating a large number of rules. Since I didn't have any grand vision before starting this, I didn't adopt any naming convention to keep things organized. It would be great to have something like a folder that I could put all of my door related rules in, another one for mode changing rules, another one for lighting related rules, etc. Other people might want to organize by sections of the house or some other criteria. The absence of this feature doesn't keep me from being able to accomplish what I want to. It just makes it harder to keep it organized.

Unfortunately, this would be a major UI project for us, and it will be some time before we can get to anything like this. Meanwhile, naming conventions are the way to go.

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I keep a very organized naming system.. Have to.. I have so many rules/apps/devices that I would never be able to keep track..

My devices all start with the room name then function/location and even device type..

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Plus one on Rule folders.

Hi Folks, also a plus one on this as I'm in the same boat as the guys above. Things are getting confusing with more and more rules I am adding over time. I have been using the naming convention technique mentioned above but still, things are getting messy. If you don't mind, I'd like to toss out a few thoughts.

  1. On the left side of Hubitat are Rooms, Devices, Dashboard, Apps, etc. Have something called File Folders or Repository or Custom... or whatever. And in this have the ability to create additional folders and add all the rules, devices and whatever you want to them. This way you would have a collectively group of everything together you wanted in one location. And instead of having the actual rules, devices or whatever in the folder, just have links to them so if you want to edit them, just click on the link. (you can do something similar in Devices. Just pick a device and scroll to the bottom to see everything associated with that device) The end goal here is have the capability to group together specific rules and everything associated with them in one organized location. We can create our own dashboards which are collective groups of information, why not expand the ability to group rules together? I'm sure it's more complicated than that last sentence implies but I'm just thinking out loud here.

  2. Logs. If there is already a way to do this let me know, but continuing on the thought process above... group together all the logs associated with a rule. Meaning, having the ability to group together the logs from the rule and all the devices associated with that rule... and that's it. No logs from anything else would be included so you would end up with a custom log specific to your liking. Not just one rule or one device at a time. Or, have the ability to hold down Ctrl or something else and manually select multiple rules and devices currently listed in blue letters to create the custom log, even if it's just temporary. I'd like to cluster together just the logs I need to follow the logic flow. If there is a way already, I'm all ears.

Anyway these are just thoughts. Thanks,


This is something we have plans to do at some point. We are aware of the need, and have some ideas on possible solutions. Can't offer a specific time frame for it to be accomplished, but I'm sure it will be at some point.


On a similar theme. With the various rule making apps. I have active Rule Machine, Rule Machine Legacy and Simple Automation Rules, which are all located adjacent to each other, with the introduction of Basic Rules that is located far afield. How about "Rules, Basic." It is difficult to recall which method was used to create a rule. Being able to easily scan through them is helpful. The asked for Folders option would work for this as well.

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