Grouping/Categorizing Rules

Is there a way to group or categorize rules? I did find a burb under feature requests, but it was not addressed there. I am currently prepending subjects (Action: , Lights: , etc.) to rules to categorize them, but grouping them could be extremely useful for organization.

The same question applies for devices, but that is a different topic string.

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Sadly I don't know of any way to create categories for RM rules or devices. I use naming conventions (e.g. prefixes such as Lighting, Comfort, etc.) to group my rules, and I use room name (e.g. Living Room, Family Room, etc.) to group my devices.

Yeah, I'm with you on this. Something like a tree structure would be nice.
But for now I had to do what you have in mind.

This is one option for keeping virtual devices organized.

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