Rule to set bulb color depending on time

I'm in the middle of migrating fron ST and Webcore, one device at the time with accompanying automations.

Right now I'm at a seemingly simple setup for my kids bedroom. It's just a button and a color bulb, that sets different colors and levels when turned on depending on the time of day. "Reading light" for morning and evening, "night vision friendly" red light for the nights and a random color daytime. In Webcore, I have simply solved this with a bunch of "else if" and time constraints.

For Rule Machine, if I understand correctly, I can't have more then two "outcomes" of a Triggered Rule - true or false, depending on the conditions. And as I have several states here, I need to solve it with multiple rules.

My thinking is to set up three actions, one for each of the desired color states. For each action, I can set time restrictions so that they never run at the same time. Then I have a very simple rule turning the bulb on at button push, and after that always executing all three defined actions thereby setting the correct color.

Would that be a "Rule Machine Style" solution? Or is there a much easier way? I'm still very much learning here, trying to translate my Webcore pistons to rules. :slight_smile:

What did you end up doing for this? I'm trying the same thing, but struggling.

Here are all the rules I have for just one room, each one time-bound except for the "off" rule:


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