Rule to reboot hub

Is it possible to create a rule to reboot the hub?

I’d like to automatically reboot every night in an effort to reduce hub slowdowns.

It is possible if you disable security. Not something I am willing to sacrifice. Instead I would recommend the Hub Rebooter app by @dman2306 :

It is a great app.

You can use this command via RM if you do not have security enabled on the hub. If you do use the app posted above.

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Have you considered moving some rules to Simple Automation?
Specifically, the ones that are used many times during the day?
The ones that are relatively simple and control switches/outlets?

Yes, I've been recently reading about the advantages of using Simple Automation over Rule Maker in an effort to avoid hub slowdowns.

Something that has helped me is keeping an eye on my log. See how much you hub is logging, and decide if you really need it. I have turned all logging off, unless it is something new I am setting up, or troubleshooting.

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