Rule to alert that any device is no longer responding?

I want to configure a single (if possible) generic rule that pings me when any given device isn't responding anymore (let's say with a 15 minute delay or something like that). I care about this because (1) battery prediction/estimation is a joke for most of my devices and I want to run them until they die then quickly replace and (2) I have a lot of Aqara stuff that seems to mysteriously drop and I just want to react quickly.

Is this possible? Seems like I have to make a rule per device, which is a pain with the ~100 devices I've got.

Could look at either



FWIW, I've been using Device Activity Check noted above and have found it useful and reliable.


Same here

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I give a third :+1: for Device Activity Check


Another vote to Device Activity Check. I also use a driver developed by @thebearmay called Notification Tile to exhibit notifications in a dashboard. As Device Activity Check doesn't have an option to send a notification saying that everything is Ok, I created a virtual device using a non-existent IP labeled Everything is OK!, so that device is always in the notifications. This fixed the issue of the tile showing an out-of-date notification, with a device that was offline but has been fixed. In that case only the unreachable virtual device name is shown: Everything OK!

Hey thanks for this, this is great for my battery devices! Taking this a step further, are there any ways to check-in more universally on device connectivity besides activity? For example, I have a number of zigbee plugs, as well as things like Hue bulbs, Lutron switches, Kasa wifi plugs, and Harmony Hubs that don't necessarily have regular activity but sometimes go haywire and become unreachable / unresponsive. I'd love to know if any of them are not connected before I find out from my spouse. The device refresh doesn't seem to affect these on the report.

Most drivers will post an event after the device responds when you do a refresh on them, that is why the app has the option to do a refresh. Some drivers however filter out events if the state has not changed (a bad practice IMO because the hub does this for you).

Zigbee: I have found the Generic Zigbee outlet driver does not do this :(. Possibly other Zigbee drivers as well. I just set the check at 2 days for these, most of mine get used at least once within two days.

Kasa: At one point the author of the Kasa app fixed it upon my request but it seems he has put it back how it was for some reason. I modified the code on my end so a refresh will update the last activity if the device responds for my Kasa plugs.

Hue and Lutron, I do not really use so not sure.

One thing you could do is make a rule in RM for any of these devices where a refresh does not update them. Have the rule run once a day, at a time where it will not disturb anyone. You could do a toggle on/off twice (with a short delay) and that should put them back how they were before (either on or off). That should definitely update the Last Activity (if they respond).

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