Rule Machine 5.0 thermostat setting issue, maybe

Hey Guys,

@bravenel @gopher.ny Wonder if you can take a look at this strange behavior. When running a rule on Rule Machine 5.0 and you select two thermostats as an action to run almost every time one of the rules for one thermostat wont run properly... The combination like this in Rule Machine (except set to cool when I performed the test)

This log shows Action: both Living Room Minisplit and Garage Minisplit to set to Cool, but only the garage sets to cool further up the log.

If I separate them out they seem to work,

So I separated all of them and I am still experiencing difficulties.
In this case, the Garage Minisplit Heat Mode didn't fire.

The Rule

The result, Garage Minisplit Thermostatmode didn't fire

Not sure what I am doing wrong here.

These are probably the devices not responding, as you can see the Rule sending the commands in the Logs. Are these Z-Wave thermostats?

Yes they are Z-Wave. Just so I understand correctly, "Action:" is command sent? In the last screenshot above, these are two separate thermostats and the first command (Mode:heat), the living room takes the command, the garage doesn't it appears. Manually using it it never misses a beat which strikes me odd. As you can see I have put delays in to cover off the Z-Wave thermostat not being able to handle commands quick enough in further actions. Any suggestions to make it more reliable?

How bizarre, I added a 2 second delay for the mode changes and it works. That doesn't makes sense to me considering they are two completely separate devices controlling separate heaters. Why can't I send both the same time?

The Rule..

The outcome, first one switch on, second one switch off...

It sounds as though your Z-Wave mesh experienced congestion when sent back to back.

Thanks Bruce, that could very well be it. I'll just throw in some delays, it works!

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