Rule machine 3 bug

Found a bug with Rule Machine 3 I'll save whoever at hubitat that handles this stuff the time of asking me if the rule is written correctly. It's really simple rule true turns on a switch if temp gets to certain degree or above that part works fine. False is if temp goes below turn of the switch that part doesn't work. If i go into the rule and run the rule or update rule the false works. If I have two separate rules for true & True it works fine. No big deal just more rules then there needs to be.

There's a known bug that is hard to catch - it's not consistent. Bruce thinks he has found the cause.

See here and here.

Please show your rule so we can take a look. The other bug was not related to this behavior.

even the log verifies that the switch should be turning off but no go. If I run two seperate rules for on & off it works just fine or if I click on the run rule it will turn off.

Need to see the rule main page, where you set it up.

lol yeah I think I uploaded a duplicate one sec

ok screenshots are correct now

I think your problem is with the embedded if in the actions. If the temperature becomes just under 73, but above 72, the rule will become false, and the false part will run. But at that point the embedded test will fail, and that's it -- all over. That rule won't run again until the temperature rises above 73 and the true part runs. This rule won't work.

The embedded IF-THEN conditions are not ones that trigger the rule to be evaluated. Only the Conditions above the rule do that.

ok I think I understand what you're saying. Is this the way you guys intended the rules to work?

I think that if changed the rule to a Triggered Rule, it might start working. @bravenel would know for sure.

My understanding is that a Triggered Rule is evaluated each time a new Trigger event occurs. But I am not the expert... :wink:

Your probably right I'm use to a different platform which that particular rule would work all day.

I don't see how that would work. On above 73 and off below 72 seems like two triggers to me. Why mess around with a rule at all?

I hear yea, if there was more then just the outdated/little write up on one of the most important parts of hubitat. I'd most likely be able to figure out the rules with out so much trial an error

Of course, you’re correct! :grinning:

I have used a Triggered Rule where I set the Trigger to be any Temperature value greater than 0. Assuming all temperature values are above 0, the condition is evaluated each time the Temperature changes.

There is probably a better method in RM 3.0 these days. Or simply use two triggers, as you mentioned above!

lol yeah write and on rule and an off rule

The most recent "outdated" write up was 14 days ago. -->> Found here [Released] Rule Machine 3.0

Previous Versions can be found here

Thanks for the link much appropriated. maybe the in app users guide should be updated?

There is a link in the app itself to the User Guide (which needs some updating). There is a link on each page of the app to the documentation (which also needs some updating).

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