Rule for Samsung Multipurpose Sensor Acceleration and Dryer activity?

Searched for this and couldn't find anything.

I'm playing around with a Samsung V5 Multipurpose Sensor stuck onto my dryer to detect vibration (x, y and z axises changing every second or so)

If i create a virtual switch for "is in motion" what would be be the correct approach to a RuleMachineā„¢ rule for:

  • if in motion for 60 seconds turn this virtual switch on
  • when not in motion for 60 seconds turn it off

I'm admittedly rusty as heck with RM

I created 2 rules one for the dryer to start to enable a private boolean and a second rule for the dryer to finish.

Not sure why you want to use the 3 axis references. Here is a link to the Rule I use and it works great.
I am also using a Samsung V5 Multipurpose Sensor. I stuck it to the side of my dryer with Velcro tape.

Local Variables:
LaundryRunning: Boolean -> False
Legit: Number = 0

Trigger: Vibration Sensor Active

IF (Variable LaundryRunning(false) = true(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Exit Rule
Set LaundryRunning to true
Repeat every 0:03:00 (stopable)
IF (Dryer Sensor inactive(T) [TRUE]) THEN
Stop Repeating Actions
Add 1 to Legit
IF (Variable Legit(0) > 3(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Notify SM-G970U: 'Dryer Cycle Complete @%time% on %date%'
Set LaundryRunning to false
Set Legit to 0
Basically it runs for 3 mins, checks to see if its off, if not it runs for another 3 mins, etc.
The Legit value> 3 means it has to check 4 times or 12 min. before sending a notification.
This helps from getting false notifications when you are checking on it or folding clothes.
If you change the legit to >2, that means running for 9 min.
My notification is different, I use Inovelli LED bars for notification. They flash yellow for 15 minutes.

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oh yeah! I should just use the "acceleration" status.. that'll do the trick!

Thanks to both for the help, that'll get me going

Did you get this code to work? I am trying it without luck. Can you look at what I have, and hopefully, tell me what is wrong with my code? Super new to this. Thank you

i never had much luck with shock or motion sensors for dryer.. i now use aeon power monitoring on the dryer circuit line and this app which works great..

Have you looked at any of the various laundry monitoring apps? They are much easier to use, and seem to work quite well.

I have they are power monitors that I have found.

This is exactly what I use (only on the dryer). The rule looks good. While running the washer, Open Hubitat and check your rule.

It should say (Repeating).
Next, watch your (Variable Legit), ( you may need to refresh the page to see changes) it should change and eventually that 0 will be greater than 2. In my case greater than 3.
When that zero becomes a 3, stop your washer. Since the rule is still repeating, it should announce in another 3 mins.
I am assuming your trigger (washer) is your sensor.
and (washer active) is because you picked excelerator as your sensor type.
Let me know what happens.

Also, while it is running, check and see if your Sensor excelerator is active under Devices .
It should read (active)

Another thought. Try this on your dryer and see if it works. It may have something to do with the wash cycle. I have not used this on the washer.


I have one on the washer and one on the dryer.

Just tested again not done with the cycle and both did the notification. Better then yesterday with no notification.

Changed the Dryer to 5min with Legit of 5 also, and it nailed it on the head. Thank you for your help, letting rules sit, and changing the setting for my machines got them working. Will need to play with the washer more.

again, Thank you

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