Rule for Samsung Multipurpose Sensor Acceleration and Dryer activity?

Searched for this and couldn't find anything.

I'm playing around with a Samsung V5 Multipurpose Sensor stuck onto my dryer to detect vibration (x, y and z axises changing every second or so)

If i create a virtual switch for "is in motion" what would be be the correct approach to a RuleMachine™ rule for:

  • if in motion for 60 seconds turn this virtual switch on
  • when not in motion for 60 seconds turn it off

I'm admittedly rusty as heck with RM

I created 2 rules one for the dryer to start to enable a private boolean and a second rule for the dryer to finish.

Not sure why you want to use the 3 axis references. Her is a link to the Rule I use and it works great.
I am also using a Samsung V5 Multipurpose Sensor. I stuck it to the side of my dryer with Velcro tape.

Local Variables:
LaundryRunning: Boolean -> False
Legit: Number = 0

Trigger: Vibration Sensor Active

IF (Variable LaundryRunning(false) = true(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Exit Rule
Set LaundryRunning to true
Repeat every 0:03:00 (stopable)
IF (Dryer Sensor inactive(T) [TRUE]) THEN
Stop Repeating Actions
Add 1 to Legit
IF (Variable Legit(0) > 3(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Notify SM-G970U: 'Dryer Cycle Complete @%time% on %date%'
Set LaundryRunning to false
Set Legit to 0
Basically it runs for 3 mins, checks to see if its off, if not it runs for another 3 mins, etc.
The Legit value> 3 means it has to check 4 times or 12 min. before sending a notification.
This helps from getting false notifications when you are checking on it or folding clothes.
If you change the legit to >2, that means running for 9 min.
My notification is different, I use Inovelli LED bars for notification. They flash yellow for 15 minutes.

oh yeah! I should just use the "acceleration" status.. that'll do the trick!

Thanks to both for the help, that'll get me going