Rule 4.0: Retirement of Restrictions

Ah! Thanks! I'll try that.

ETA: That did the trick!

It tells you when you select that action what it stops:

Perhaps that wording could be more clear, as in

Stop Timed Actions of these rules
(stops Periodic, all Delayed Actions, Repeated Actions, Dimmer Fade, Wait for Events, Wait for Condition)

Or, maybe it should be called Cancel Timed Actions

I like that one!

Cancel Timed Actions

I like that one, too. I also like the change to the description.

I looked through my other rules, and all of the other ones that formerly had restrictions I changed to use "Exit Rule". Apparently I temporarily lost my mind when I set up this rule. :upside_down_face:

BTW. thanks for everything you're doing here. I really like RM4.

Also, many thanks for the changes to the Alexa app. I've now completely moved away from ST because I can do anything I need to with virtual contact and motion sensors.

Thanks for your awesome work with RM4.0!

I for one am happy to get rid off restrictions as i have never really understood why the have been there in 4.0.


So how would one work with private booleans? Are all rules set to be set for booleans? I’m the older RM you had to turn it on so other rules could set them true or false.

All rules have a Private Boolean. Any other rule can set them. The rule itself can set it, test it, be triggered by it, etc.

This has always been true, and they don't need to be "turned on".

"IF (NOT Mode in Day) Exit Rule"

Can someone tell me where to find "Exit Rule"?

Under "Delay or Repeat Actions, Wait" at the bottom:

Strange... I had this app running for years in ST and built-in mode restrictions worked. Maybe I'm confused about what "multiple pages app" really means... I know my app has several dynamic pages defined with as many methods. Kinda lost now... It's here: A.I. Thermostat manager - Community Created SmartApps - SmartThings Community

An app with dynamic pages doesn't automatically get Mode restrictions and Name this app, while a single page app does. As far as I know, unless they changed it, that's the way ST works also. But, it's been a couple of years since I wrote any apps on ST.

Irrespective of what ST does, this is the way Hubitat works. Single page apps get the automatic Mode restrictions, dynamic page apps don't. Which means the app has to do that work. In the case of the single page app, the Mode restriction is handled by the hub, not the app. For a dynamic page app, the app runs and does the test and exits if it fails.

I see. I misunderstood you earlier. Too long to explain my confusion here but I get it now. Thank you for your time.

has there been any consideration in allowing conditionals in triggers? i'm new to HE, but have used restrictions a couple of times for my time boxed rules. from my perspective, it seems excessive to run a trigger each time it senses motion when i only care between a certain time (or mode).

It would run on every motion with a Restriction also. That's how the platform works. The rule has subscriptions to events, it runs when those events occur. If it has Restrictions the first thing it would do is test those. So when there are Restrictions, every rule, whether it uses them or not has to check them to determine if it should continue running from the trigger event. Putting conditionals in triggers would not change this one iota.

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Thanks for the details. I was using restrictions for mode changes to many many rules in RM4.0
Was traveling and when I returned I thought I was going crazy because all my restrictions were gone. Forum is great if you know what to search for!!

I just updated to 2.1.4 and noticed that my rules automatically were screwed up, now nothing works as should because of this retirement of restrictions. Now I would have to switch back to a previous version to see what restrictions I had for each rule and re-rewrite one by one, this really sucks...

You can always revert to the previous version if you want.

Yes I did that but to keep up to date to latest version I would have to re-write.

Yup. They gave us a couple of months notice about it. It's quite easy to add them in as conditions in your existing 4.0 rules.