Rule 4.0: Retirement of Restrictions

Well I only noticed until now that I updated to the new version as normally I give some time after a new version is released to let all the hot fixes happen else I would have to be updating every day. Thanks

Restrictions are still present in rules that have been written with an earlier version of RM. Rules written in earlier versions of RM still function on the platform. Therefore by converting all your rules to RM4, restrictions are completely removed and RM has increased efficiency.

Is my above statement true?

Thanks for the change to RM4, I am one of those users who is definitely not a computer programmer or all that comfortable writing logical expressions. But even I thought it weird that RM4 had restrictions, there was clearly no need. I haven't found it that hard to write my rules, I often just need a little bit of help with the logic and fortunately there have always been other members on the site to help me out.