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great. believe i added it subsequently because not everyone wanted those icons published.

I'm interested in using the announcement feature of Rooms Manager to announce when one of my exterior doors is opened and also when I or myself arrive home. What I'd really like to have is for the announcements to only come from devices that are in rooms that are either occupied or engaged. Is something like this possible?

yes possible just not supported today :slight_smile:

I noticed the following errors in my logs this morning. Any idea what caused them?

are you on the latest code from github for all the apps?

also if you open and save each of the rooms from the rooms manager app do those errors still persist?

I am running the latest code for all the apps. I went in and opened and saved each room this morning, and I will check to see if it happens again. I did notice it happened this morning at around the same time (8:01 AM), but that was before I had a chance to go in and open/save each room.

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Error still happened again this morning right around the same time. Attached is a screenshot of today's errors.

ok. do they repeat or is it happening once a day?

Best I can tell, it's only happening at that one time (within a minute or two of 8:00 AM EST).

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What time is local sunrise or is there a mode change event like night to morning at about that time?

It does look like it matches up with the local sunrise time.

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btw the same should be happening at local sunset time as well.

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updated to github a few days ago but forgot to update the forum with the following changes:

Version: 1.0.1

DONE:   01/12/2020
1) added option for all motion and acceleration to be simultaneously active to trigger engaged or occupied from vacant
2) removed option for twinkle under holiday light settings
3) fix for run every 5 minutes subscription
4) added option for setting locked state with mode
5) fix for cooling and heating not triggering when both are set in the same room
6) bug fixes and optimizations

@murray.sean.d #3 should fix your issue

very cool app. Quick question on asleep mode. I set timeout for 9 hours and nothing else but it a room popped out of asleep mode last night. Is there anything that will cause it to leave asleep mode?

Also found a bug where I have a power meter which is used in the engaged state but when I try to use it for asleep I get a message that no power meter is available or used in another state.

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thank you.

is there a contact sensor on the door for the room set to asleep? if the contact sensor is open based on settings it will set the room to vacant after a while.

right a power meter can only be used to set the room to engaged or asleep. if its being used to set the room to engaged it will not allow for it to be reused to set asleep. mainly done this way to avoid room flipping between engaged and asleep because of conflicting power settings.

I haven't been able to reproduce the room jumping out of sleep mode so putting that down to just weirdness.

As for power meter, in my use case I use the meter as one of the inputs to keep a room engaged. If the power falls below a threshold then I would like to use that as a trigger for asleep. Once in sleep I only want one automated exit from sleep, which is the time out setting. For us we have the TV on in the background with boring stuff to fall asleep. So turning the TV off is the signal for sleep, and this is what I use the power meter for. If you could allow this use case would be great.


yeah that would work but requires a bunch of work because the app was not built to support multiple states for over and under power values. let me take a look.

edit: the first thing that comes to mind is that there will be times of day when the TV is off but you don’t the room getting set to asleep because it’s in the middle of the afternoon. unless off course you are from one of the siesta countries. :wink: thoughts on it?

Good point. Ideally I would not allow the room to enter asleep unless the hub mode was night or evening. Trying to think now how I would accomplish that.

in my case each of the bedrooms have a button by the bedside that when pushed trigger the asleep state and get reset to vacant when door is left open for 10 minutes.

Interesting. I am trying to resist adding any specific buttons or manual actions to set a room state, rather my goal is to be able to deduce that from normal daily actions. As such I too will utilize opening of the bedroom door as a signal that sleep is over, when combined with mode and time of day for sure.

Also realized I can use RM to set the room state to asleep based on the power level dropping and the mode and time of day. So I should be good to go. Thanks for the chat and keep up the good work, this is a great addition to Hubitat.

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