Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized home automation with Occupancy

happy thanksgiving! its been a while. sorry for the absence.

updated to github with the following changes:

Version: 1.0.0

DONE:   Over 6 months ending in 11/25/2019

1) device driver code significantly optimized
2) child app no longer calls driver code at runTime
3) except 2 timers which serve as "global timers" removed all others timers for better predictability
4) removed use of unschedule globally and limited to use of single unschedule for use with "global timers"
5) timer values indicated in the app are now much more reliable because they work with the global timers
6) added motion requirement to set room to engaged after door closes
7) added time requirement for power to stay above certain threshold before setting room to engaged
8) lux check now supports both lower than or equals to and greater than
9) added separate settings to check window open before cooling and heating respectively

while the timers change was specifically done to make the app more reliable on ST it also helps with the general reliability of the app and timers because of significant reduction in timer schedule/unschedule operations.

thanks for caring everyone.


Great to see you again!


the app already supports this. just set the acceleration device in the room device settings.

so this night light is also used to trigger occupied state?

please post the link for the integration to homekit and I will take a look if anything can be done.

Hey good to read you again :slight_smile:
I am using New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI for HomeKit integration.
Just to elaborate it is using homebridge-occupancy-switch - npm plugin for homebridge that defines an occupancy accessory (switch + detector).

I just started digging into this and maybe I am just chasing my tail on this as I do not see the way to semaphore all the variety of "occupied" enumerations into HomeKit:
attribute "occupancy", "enum", ['occupied', 'checking', 'vacant', 'locked', 'reserved', 'kaput', 'donotdisturb', 'asleep', 'engaged']

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right that generally is the limitation. rooms occupancy isn't a device attribute in the physical sense. its a logical device attribute which is derived from state of physical device attributes and a combination of conditions as specified in the app. so these integrations really have no concept of rooms occupancy even though the occupancy accessory is sort of a "poor mans" rooms occupancy device. :slight_smile:

will take a look at what might be possible as i have time.

Did this update break the dashboard icons?


Occupancy is correct but icons do not change

will check. i do see that on dashboard clicking the occupancy buttons no longer works

please confirm that Publish Occupancy Icons to use with Dashboard? in general settings for the room is set to true?

That's solved it thanks.
Is that new or has it always been there?

great. believe i added it subsequently because not everyone wanted those icons published.

I'm interested in using the announcement feature of Rooms Manager to announce when one of my exterior doors is opened and also when I or myself arrive home. What I'd really like to have is for the announcements to only come from devices that are in rooms that are either occupied or engaged. Is something like this possible?

yes possible just not supported today :slight_smile:

I noticed the following errors in my logs this morning. Any idea what caused them?

are you on the latest code from github for all the apps?

also if you open and save each of the rooms from the rooms manager app do those errors still persist?

I am running the latest code for all the apps. I went in and opened and saved each room this morning, and I will check to see if it happens again. I did notice it happened this morning at around the same time (8:01 AM), but that was before I had a chance to go in and open/save each room.

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Error still happened again this morning right around the same time. Attached is a screenshot of today's errors.

ok. do they repeat or is it happening once a day?

Best I can tell, it's only happening at that one time (within a minute or two of 8:00 AM EST).

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