RoomMe by Intellithings room by room automation

Has anyone heard of RoomMe? I want to set up automation where each room knows I walked into the room or knows if my wife walked into the room. If I walk in sports center turns on the tv if my wife walks in the room oprah channel comes on the tv.

Looks like roomme does this. It supposedly works on somethings. Does that mean it will work on HE

I don't see anything about it working in SmartThings. If it is a native integration into ST then probably not. If there is a 3rd party community which developed an app and driver than potentially you could port over.

Things like this just wouldn’t work for me as it requires me having my phone with me at all times.
I get home and dump my phone and keys on a shelf and they stay there unless needed.
I don’t take my phone to the kitchen, the toilet OR even my bedroom.

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Hehe. I'm entirely the opposite.

Don't think 'phone', think 'portable camera checker/remote control/camera/diagnostics/notepad/stopwatch/calculator/torch/intercom'. Can't think of much I can get done of an evening without it :wink:

That being said... the interesting thing about this question is person recognition in any given room. Not sure anybody's come up with a convincingly good way to do that to my mind.

-- Jules

Did you take a look at the roomme by intellithings website. looks like they are very close.

Thanks. I'll take a look.

Same here as well but because I am usually on the phone for hours at work. Probably face reconigtion at the entrance to the room work best for me but I see this is a pretty interesting Device f there is an open API.

Certainly looks interesting but I have a few thoughts.

First thing is, I will believe it when I see it. There is no release date on the website that I can find. Tom’s Guide article says “later this year.”

Second, how will it respond to two people being in a room? Will the second person that enters override whatever settings were triggered by the first person that entered? Or can it handle a distinct set of automations for when two people are in the room? What about three or four? Or different pairings of individuals?

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It’s all in the detail.

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Just ran across this article. Many things bother me about the article but I won't nit pick.. :slight_smile:

Looks very interesting though, but really don't like how its closed off from integration for now. They plan to add integration into other ecosystems later but who knows when.

Relies totally on your phone so you will have to walk around with it on you but maybe if you are able to integrate it into HE you could setup rules to work with other sensors as well.