Roomba 980

How can I get my Roomba 980 installed.

I currently have the blidk, password, and ip for it.

I don't see it on the compatible devices list at Compatible Devices Wiki

I suspect there may not be a direct integration. I believe it can be done through IFTTT.

I run mine directly from Google Home.

This is the last remaining device under HomeKit.

I found code, but it doesn't appear to work...

What "code" did you find? Is the vacuum able to connect to IFTTT? There's a possibility you could integrate it that way.

I found it in the forums under roomba 980.

I can connect through IFTTT. But that defeats using hubitat all together.

I want to kick off a roomba job when no motion sensors in the house detect movement only at a specific time.

I’m currently doing this in HomeKit with homebridge. It works great. But this is one of the last things left running under HomeKit.

I want completely off of HomeKit.

Then why didn't you post this question under that forum post? That is usually easier because the person who posted it will be notified of the new post on that thread. As far as integrating with IFTTT, No, it doesn't defeat anything. What you could do is trigger a virtual switch on when all of your motion sensors are inactive for a period of time (or away mode which makes a lot more sense) and use that as the IF part of your IFTTT applet. That's how you would integrate Hubitat with IFTTT. But if you want help with the software, post under that thread. I'm not quite sure what your the purpose of your post is. You want help with software that you don't link to. How is anyone supposed to help you?

I have postings in both threads.

But your example may very well work! I’ll look at this.

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