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Hi guys,

I am getting a high number of events produced by Hallway and Bathroom lights, and when this happens the light bulbs flash continuously until the hub is rebooted.

Rebooting the hub solves the problem, but issue still persists and can happen the following day.

Also, there are other instances of Hallway lights suffering from this issue, but it is not recorded for some reason.


Room Lighting - Bathroom

Room Lighting - Hallway

I am not sure how to diagnose or remedy this issue and any help will be appreciated.


In your Room Lighting setup, it looks like you have Bathroom Light 1 and Bathroom Light 2 set to turn on when the Room Lighting instance is activated. However, you also have Bathroom Light 1 or Bathroom Light 2 turning on as a means to activate and you have "Activate even if already partially Activated" selected, so I'm guessing this is going to cause an endless activation loop.

Removing your "Switches that turn on" from your "Means to Activate Lights" should fix that problem. Whether it's what's actually causing your problem, I don't know, but it seems possible given the above. Putting the same devices as a trigger for your activation that are already being activated is a bit of an odd setup, so if you had a reason for doing so, maybe explain what that is and see if someone can think of a different way to do it.

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@bertabcd1234, thanks for your feedback.

I might have misunderstood or misinterpreted the following:

  • "Switches that that turn" was selected again so that I could see if the lights are "Active" if they are manually activated by button controller or Google home, for example, instead of motion sensor
  • Activate even if partially activated, not sure in which scenario this should be used, I think I used it after seeing others use it.

I have now made removed the above and will monitor and see if I get any further alerts.

See revised Room Lighting setup below.

Bathroom lights

Please note that Hallway Lights are normally activated by motion sensor all day, except morning and afternoon, hence "Act" is normally not ticked for those two sessions.

Hallway Lights

I don’t think that’s the issue. I think Room Lighting only sends device commands when needed or ‘Force’ option is chosen. I have many RL instances with included switches and some with activate even if partially activated and don’t have the issue. If the issue is cause by RL then RL logs should be checked to further trace.

It looks like these RL instances are a mix of automation and groups including Zigbee group messaging. I’m not sure if the Zigbee groups will work in this scenario where the dimmers are being set to different levels.

I’d suggest some testing that does not include any group functionality.

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@bill.d, I don't think it's related to Zigbee group messaging as the lights were spamming the network prior to enabling this option. I enabled it a few days ago as it is supposed to cut down on network traffic.
Anyway, I have removed this option as well, let's see how it behaves for the next few days. Thanks

Quick update:
I have used the Room Lighting setting below, and it behaved okay, without any issues for a about a week and then yesterday morning the Hallway lights started flashing... I quickly switched off the lights manually at the mains then turned it back on.

Hallway Lights

High app stats for Hallway Lights:

App stats

To resolve this issue of spammyDevices and also reduce high app stats; can anyone advise, if I would be better off moving the lights (maybe all lights) to my Home Assistant network which is only used for Switchbot (MQTT via ESP32) and Tuya smart plugs?

Alternatively, would a Phillips Hue bridge be better (would need to purchase)?

[C7 -]


IMO Philips Hue bridge is always the better way to handle Zigbee bulbs (no matter ZLL or 3.0 ).
Look in eBay, there should be a lot of reasonably priced Hue bridges (most are brand new, originally sold as part of Hue starter kits.

Are the Tuya smart plugs WiFi?

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Great, thanks for the reply!
I have seen Hue Bridge v2.1 for about £35 on eBay.

I think I will go this route and purchase a Hue Bridge as I am getting issues with my lights only (mainly Innr bulbs). Otherwise, my C7 is quite stable, even the older Aqara sensors are behaving now with your drivers.

Yes, I have some generic WiFi plugs that I use via Tuya integration.

Just one fact: I have 17 Zigbee bulbs, a mix of Hue, IKEA, Osram and Chinese H*e ‘compatible’ and I have not logged in to the mobile Philips Hue app for more than one year! It just works.

I use CoCoHue app in HE.

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