Room Lighting: Some lights fail to turn off

I am using Room Lighting more often now, since I think I have it mostly figured out.
I have one set up for my yard lights; the lights go on at a certain time, and off at another.
Here is the set up:

The lights all turn on correctly. Not had issues with that.
My issue is as the picture shows - not all turn off at the required time. Today makes three days in a row.
Anything I have done wrong in the setup?

I missed the log files, as I notice they are still on in the morning. Past logs do not show the previous evenings events.

Assistance appreciated.

I've got nothing for you, however I will be watching since I have the same issue, posted a few days ago with logs and so far no replies.

Good luck

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Have to see the logs to know what is going on.

Is there any way to increase the length of time log files stay on the system?
The events happened at midnight, I notice they are on at 0700

It all depends on how much is generated; it's not a set time.

Okay. Then to get logs, I basically have to wait until the time event occurs. Or change the times in the app to watch the logs

Pretty simple RL, outlet did not turn off at Sleep mode as it should, it did however turn off at Home mode this morning, yet not recorded in the device log

Yep, I can reproduce this problem. Will get it sorted out.

What I'm finding as I dig into this is that if the device is not reporting that it is on, then it won't turn off. That's why it failed for me. You could turn on debug logging in the app to see if this is the case or not. Also, if that's the case, then you can use the Force option to make it turn off no matter what. Force is an option for Activation Options:

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Thanks Bruce for digging into this. I located the Force off command, curious as to why it's in the Activate section rather than the "Means to Turn Off" section

The outlet in this case is the Jasco ZWave Plus, not sure why it's not reporting status properly

Used for both on and off.

Will definitely try this to see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.
Of course everything turned off appropriately last night...

@bravenel - Some logs and additional info here in a post I just made. Thx.

Command devices on/off irrespective of reported state (Force) doesn't solve the issue for me, but Turn off even if already partially off in Turn Off Lights Options did work:


Thanks Brad, I will look into it as well


Please use screenshots ONLY for logs.

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